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Uncomfortable diary What if pasta makers and bakers, banks and pharmacies, transport workers go on strike ...

What if pasta factories and bakers, banks and pharmacies, transport and distribution workers go on strike?

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It would be enough for doctors and nurses to observe normal hours to bring down the system. It would be a catastrophe. Many infected would die. Instead, they work 14 hours a day and are sympathetic to those who suffer. Certain categories have a sense of responsibility. There are even those who faint from sleep and fatigue. There are also those who threaten to go on strike. He had never felt at such a dramatic time for the country. Health protection is a right for everyone, including metalworkers. FIOM finds an agreement with the industrialists. But the country must continue to live and someone to work.

What if pasta factories and bakers, banks and pharmacies, transport and distribution workers go on strike?
What if pasta factories and bakers, banks and pharmacies, transport and distribution workers go on strike?

He hadn't felt such cruelty for some time. Now England is a threat to Europe, better isolate it

The British did well to choose Brexit by having elected a premier who has nothing European or Christian. They will not spend anything on prevention. “Let the virus spread as well. Unfortunately, many families will lose loved ones. ". The plan predicts that 60% of the population will be infected. Those who survive will be immune. The country is in the hands of an exalted person, controlled by an elderly lady who does not have the energy to reproach him. There are those who admire those people of pavidi who do not react even when grandparents and family members with poor health are sentenced to death.

In the era of start-ups, the fortune teller still exerts an irresistible charm

In the deep south countryside, the sorceress is still consulted to resolve sentimental problems. If the husband leaves his wife, there is no resort to persuasion or the intervention of children and family members, but to tarot cards that suggest setting the man's house on fire. Only in this way - says the cheating fortune teller - can she go back to her. And, with the help of some primitive beings, the woman performs. But, fortunately, badly. So much so that the prompt intervention of the firefighters manages to limit the damage. The group of imbeciles is currently under arrest. The most appropriate penalty, however, is to kick them in the ass.

Yet these are important people, above all suspicions

Strange, that all the sportsmen - Malagò, Tommasi and Lippi, to name a few - ask for the suspension of the matches, to protect the health of the athletes and hundreds of people who - even if they play behind closed doors - attend the stadium. While the authorities of Football are to download for not deciding. The sports minister clearly said on TV that "they only think about money, not about curbing contagions". And if there were complicities - I don't believe it, but suspicion arises - with whom does it matter that the championship doesn't stop? In fact there is a lot of money at stake, and you never know.

It looked like a scene from the battleship Poteomkin, instead it was the escape of imbeciles from Milan

They were all young, mostly university students, in a frenzy from the air of home. They ridiculed themselves in a ridiculous way on the steps of the Garibaldi station with the typical baggage of refugees, as if the war had broken out. To take the last night train of salvation. As if the plague had arrived in Milan, of which they were probably already infected. They were unconsciously taking her to their south, to family and friends, poorer but still healthier. They forget them in moments of joy and lightheartedness, but they feel the need in difficulties, when the alarm of fear rings.

Other inappropriate restrictions would block the country not the virus

In the face of the Coronavirus, the Italians proved to be more responsible than previously thought. It doesn't matter if they respect the rules for acquired discipline or because they do it under. They understood that it is not a common influence. The city streets are deserted, as are public transportation. The few passers-by are headed for the supermarket, which they empty with neurosis. Respect the distances suggested in the pharmacy to buy superfluous masks. There are only a few drug dealers around and those who cannot do without the daily dose of coca. But then go home. We are good people again.

In the Vatican there is a certain jealousy for the sumptuous celebrations in Mollica

Not even among the top echelons of politics, culture and industry - but not even the Pope, there have been those who have ever been so jubilant: crowded receptions, endless tele-interviews, tearful admirers and multitudes of cheering colleagues. While to Benedict XVI nothing. It is understandable that there is a little envy. He said nothing when, leaving the throne of San Pietro, no one celebrated it. He thought it was the Italian custom. Now, however, there has been bad. It is true that it cannot be compared to certain TV characters. Although, having been the vicar of Christ, he also has a certain following.

Those who the Virus was nothing now demand more drastic measures

Who knows if quarantine and curfew will help wipe out the jackals who take advantage of any opportunity to spread false news and instill hatred, fear and panic. There are also those who attributed the appearance of the epidemic to the CIA whose scientists have created the Coronavirus in the laboratory to weaken China. For others the precautions were exaggerated, being a common flu. Many, speculating on the naivety of a gullible people, accused the multinationals of having spread it to sell more medicines. This is how idiots explain a drama of humanity.

My latest book "Journey through life"

Below, the cover of my latest book, from a few months in the library. If you don't find it, ask the bookseller to book it. You can also buy it on the Internet (from Amazon, IBS, etc.) for 11 € 90.

"Journey through life" is a book of philosophy in which, to make it more pleasant, the theory has been replaced by anecdotes. He urges young people not to imitate us parents and grandparents who, by transgressing the most basic rules of civil coexistence and following a policy conducted by mediocre people, have complicated his life and compromised the future.

Only the new generation can save Italy by ensuring that nobody thinks he is smarter than others. If not, everything will collapse. If only delinquents are bribing and stealing - as it once was - society can amortize the damage. If, on the other hand, everyone transgresses, failure is inevitable, even for those who caused it.

The book transports the reader into a fairy tale in which he identifies himself, becoming his happy protagonist. At the end of the reading, returning to the sad reality, he realizes that it was not a dream but the life that we could all live if each of us behaved a little better.

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