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Diary of a quarantine And so we went out to see the stars again

And so we went out to see the stars again

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Di Nunzia Di Laura

It is now dark night, I am sitting on the balcony of my house trying to look at a sky full of stars, but it is impossible for me because they are covered by the roof of the house, boredom assails me, my thoughts crowd, only one thought remains fixed in my mind: "What will I do when I can finally go out? ".

So I start planning my first outing, what to do, where to go, who to meet, what to eat; to understand that after all this hustle and bustle I would like to do only one thing: turn off the phone, leave it at home and take my hand and in an instant feel all I was missing, ľ smell of the sea on my skin, the continuous song of the waves that wet the shore, then looking up to the sky and looking at the stars, which will be the same as ever, but they will seem more brilliant and beautiful.

Here I would like only this, to be alone with me and with no one else for a few moments. Then later, however, I would like to go back to my old life, or rather not; let me explain better, I would like to go back to doing the things I did before, but be better than before. I would like to be able to change, to be able to bring this experience with me forever and to draw all the good from it.

Here I would like to be the best part of me, to help those who need a hand, those who cannot keep going, to help those who have fallen and need to get up.
Because after all this you can never go back to being like before
I will explode like a SUPERNOVA

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