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Leafing through the New York Times As two lives collide in Central Park and leave a ...

As two lives collide in Central Park and leave a nation shaken.

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He, Christian Cooper, goes to his usual place to watch birds, a passion that almost made him famous among amateurs of the genre. She, Amy Cooper (no relationship) goes to the same place with her dog, not on a leash, which is prohibited in that place. When he points this out to her, she begins to insult him, and calls the police saying that an African American is threatening her, while he records it on his cell phone. The matter ends in nothing legally and she publicly apologizes, but, in this time of serious tension, it becomes another reason to unleash marches and protests against racial inequality. Mr. Cooper said: "What you did touches a deep vein of racial prejudice, which continually emerging leads to far more serious repercussions than my little confrontation with her."


  • Mid-level white house staff stifles climate science.
    Efforts to discredit climate science, usually led by Trump and his closest associates, are now also being made by mid-level managers, eager to protect their jobs and their budgets by proving themselves in favor of the Boss's ideas.
  • Police chiefs find it difficult to maintain job security.
    Caught between the unions, which defend the cops at all costs, and the governors of the states in search of reforms.
  • With empty stadiums, fans are betting on Wall Street.
    The fans loved to bet on the games, but now with the stadiums closed and the desire to bet intact, they turn to dress in the bag.
  • The new virus accelerates the spread of predictable ancient diseases.
    As nations under the weight of the virus shift attention, diseases such as measles and polio re-emerge in the United States, diphtheria in Pakistan and neighboring countries, cholera in various African countries.


  • Breaking down the past.
    The city of Bristol in England, built with the money of the slave trade, fights with its raided history, breaking down and, in one case, throwing statues of political and military figures of the time into the river.
  • Merger injures Swedish pride.
    A plan to merge Volvo with its Chinese partner has sparked a debate over Swedish identity.
  • Without money, without work, without exit.
    Many migrant workers in Russia from ex-satellite states (about five million) spend days in front of their embassies begging for charter flights to take them home. Having Russia canceled flights, a charter is the only way out.
  • She removed a symbol, and became a symbol herself.
    Bree Newsome Bass removed a Confederate flag from the flagpole in front of the Parliament in Columbia, South Carolina in 2015 and inspired similar gestures and posters in today's protests.
  • Difficult times in Conde 'Nast.
    As advertising revenue continues to drop, the company also has to defend itself against accusations of racism in the workplace.


A whole page, occupied almost halfway; from a photo of the Rialto bridge. Caption of the photo, which says it all: “The Rialto bridge in Venice. The epidemic has affected more than three and a half million workers in Italy who rely on tourism to make a living, and tourist guides are looking for public subsidies to survive next season. "

Big title under the photo: "Tourist destinations without long lines? For the tour guides, it sounds like disaster. ” The rest of the article continues on the subject of how much Italy counts on tourism for its revenues, and the probable disaster for hotels, restaurants and everything related to mass tourism.

Photo of the Pantheon with manifestation of the guides and a hotel in Rome. The association of hoteliers reports a decrease of 99,1% of foreign customers for April compared to the previous April.

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