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Leafing through the New York Times At Floyd's funeral, a cry of pain: "Take your knee off ...

At Floyd's funeral, a cry of pain: "Take your knee off our neck"

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Leafing through the New York Times of June 5, 2020

The first page is devoted almost entirely to the murder of Floyd, who continues inside occupying the two central pages entirely. This article, with full-page photos, is dedicated to the funeral, of which I report here parts of the speech of Reverend Al Sharpton, an almost mythical figure for people of color: “The story of George Floyd was the story of all of us. Because since 400 years ago the reason why we never managed to be what we wanted to be and dreamed of being is that you have always kept your knee on our neck. The time has come to get up and say "take your knee off our neck".


  • Uncomfortable workers risk losing their jobs if they stay at home. With the reopening of all or almost all the activities, many workers called back to work after the closure imposed to fight the virus, are afraid of the infection if they return to work and have asked their "boss" to postpone the opening. But if they don't show up they risk being fired and even losing unemployment benefits.
  • Military veterans break the silence on the President, denouncing the political use of the troops, which Trump wanted to send to fight the demonstrators. The constitution does not allow it, as highlighted by current defense minister Mark Esper and former minister Jim Mattis, general number one of the armed forces at the time.
  • From behind closed doors to out on the streets. Even in New York, crowded but peaceful march for the murder of George Floyd, suffocated in Minneapolis by a policeman.
  • This case is already different: the police are breaking ranks. The four policemen who participated in the horrendous murder of George Floyd are taking different positions with the judicial authority.


  • A drive-in church in Denmark. A sure way to respect the distances: assist in getting into the car.
  • The epidemic is spreading more and more. The virus has arrived in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and South Asia, places previously spared.
  • The support of the evangelists for Trump. The evangelist church has always been on Trump's side, but now it seems to be changing.
  • Challenge in Hong Kong. Despite the ban, they demonstrated for the anniversary of the Tiananmem clashes.
  • Another crackdown in the Philippines. Duterte is about to sign a new anti-terrorism law that will outlaw virtually any form of dissent.


The Italians rediscover their museums. After closing due to the virus, locals enjoy their treasures long since abandoned to the hordes of foreign tourists. The article with photos of the Sistine Chapel specifically mentions the Vatican Museums, the Colosseum, Pompeii, the Borghese Gallery, the Maxxi, the Uffizi and is very positive about the opportunity to visit them without too many crowds. But it also warns of the obvious financial consequences of reduced ticket sales.   

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