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Today At the Baths of Caracalla in Rome Stefano Bollani and Chucho Valdés

At the Baths of Caracalla in Rome Stefano Bollani and Chucho Valdés

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At the Baths of Caracalla di Roma Stefano Bollani and Chucho Valdés in the European premiere of Slowly slowly, from Cuba to Rome. Simone Orlando on Il Messaggero: «In reality it is a return journey. The two composers and pianists met on Mambo Influenciado in the Bollani program on Rai 1 The important thing is to have a plan, then the invitation was reciprocated in 2018 at the Gran Teatro in Havana by Valdès, an Afro-Cuban jazz star, 77 years old, winner of numerous Grammys, son of the great pianist Bebo Valdés and founder of the Irakere group who changed in the 70s the course of Cuban music. Both times the artistic couple did not establish what should happen and it was a success: "Only in the afternoon will we decide the topics on which we will talk to have fun and entertain our audience". Bollani, 46, says: “The Cuban experience was fantastic. Usually you have to choose between high and low, between cultured and popular music. In Cuba, Brazil and Argentina, however, there are popular and refined music at the same time. Music in those places is a social fact that creates aggregation, has a very strong collective and ritual dimension ". Since the first time together, he thought he was dealing with a soul mate: “I met many pianists, all very good and with whom it was easy to play, but in this case the ease does not derive only from the technique, but from a closeness of ideas. When Chucho 'says' something often displaces me, but I understand it. It is perfection that can happen in a successful dialogue, as happens in interpersonal relationships when there is harmony. All new, but I understand it. Incredible the energy it brings on stage and in everyday life "».

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