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Idea-Action Atoms - bits - genes and power

Atoms - bits - genes and power

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Already in 1990 some scientific and business journals, published in the USA and UK, headlined: "The axes of future development will be: communication, energy and genetics". OK. We took note of it. Today, thinking back to that Oracle, we are reminded that, for the most part, communication is digital and is based on "bits"; nuclear energy, civil and military, is based on "atoms" and genetics - both biogenetics and the GMO world - on "genes".

We are therefore in the midst of 3 new epochal mutations, based on "invisible" elements with the naked eye. Invisible, but very present, elements that interact more and more with each other:

  • a bit (from the English "binary digit"): it is the unit, defined as the minimum amount of information. It is equivalent to choosing between two values ​​(zero / one, yes / no, true / false, on / off) when these have the same probability of being chosen. Endless quantities of bits (now we speak of trillions of billions) are assembled and circulated in digital networks where they are recomposed in every possible form: texts, audio, video, graphics, etc ... and - very reminiscent aspect - are sometimes transformed into money complementary (bitcoins and others);
  • the atom: so called because initially it was considered the smallest and most indivisible unit of matter (according to the doctrine of Greek philosophers known as the theory of "atomism"). Towards the end of the nineteenth century (with the discovery of the electron) it was shown that the atom was actually divisible, being in turn composed of smaller particles, to which we refer with the term subatomic particles. In physics, the atom is the smallest particle of an element which does not undergo alterations in chemical transformations, but which can undergo physical transformations such as excitation, disintegration, fission, etc .;
  • the gene: it is the fundamental hereditary unit of living organisms (men, animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, protozoa). “A living organism is an entity subject to natural laws, the same that control the rest of the physical world, but all living organisms, including their parts, are also controlled by a second source of causality: genetic programs. The absence or presence of genetic programs indicates the clear border between the inanimate and the living world "(Ernst Mayr). A genetically modified organism (GMO) is a living organism that possesses a genetic heritage modified through genetic engineering techniques, which allow the addition, elimination or modification of genetic elements.

Much of the future therefore depends on the organization, manipulation, distribution and marketing of an endless number of 3 infinitely small units that can take infinite forms, even "new" and previously unthinkable. Who manages the basic elements - or rather a small group of multinational companies and scientists at their service - guides the vision and construction of strategic areas of the future.

digital world matrix
Matrix, the famous film about the "digital parallel world"

Governments and parliaments? It seems that by now they adapt. The military ? The mouse trembles at the mere thought of their visions. And what does Civil Society do? Meanwhile: is it aware of itself? Or do you think Others should represent your interests?

We are amazed, and we think it is a sign of profound ignorance, if someone does not know what a liter or a kilogram or a meter is; that is, it does not know the basic units used to measure the "commodities" on which the visible economy of the past was founded. We are a little less surprised if someone does not know other basic units such as horsepower, watt or volt. But we are not surprised if someone has difficulty understanding or even does not know what a bit (or a byte) is, which for the information civilization is of equal importance to the most important units of measurement of the past. We are not surprised if someone does not know what an atom or a gene is.

I love humanists, but many, who call themselves "humanists", refuse a priori to deal with mathematics, science and technology, reducing their interventions on the possible future to banalities - more and more often -. It would instead be very useful to have qualified and precise interventions, of an exquisitely humanistic nature but supported by knowledge of technology and the dizzying digital, energy and genetic change.


This path, in recent times, is identified with a word: Transhumanism. The publications that deal with the subject flourish. And its advent, as a new epochal phase, is getting closer and closer thanks to the support for 5 G, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, biogenetics, arificial uteri, "mind uploading" (which ultimately would be a "copy and paste ”of brains and human memory from a traditional physical body to an artificial body). In this way the prophecies of authors such as Huxley and Orwell and the visions, which appeared “remote and fantastic”, proposed by Hollywood with great films such as Blade Runner, Terminator and The Matrix, are realized.

The use and humanization, or dehumanization, of technology are, and will increasingly be, key themes for the cultural and material progress of future communities; It is therefore fundamental to reflect deeply on the short and long term effects before dystopias occur, that is, devastating distortions not only in society but also within families and individuals.

Until the reflection takes place on a large scale, however, the fate of humanity will be in the INVISIBLE HANDS of the transhumanist technocrats. Invisible hands that begin to massively manage other aspects invisible and unknown to most, such as algorithms, genetically modified foods and new generation medicines and transplants. This season of our history is characterized (also) by these phenomena.

  1. Politicians, intellectuals, religious - humanists in general - do not know well the details of the topics on which they are called to express themselves. Who can have "consultants". However, almost all consultants dream of working or already working for INVISIBLE HANDS.
  2. Strategic knowledge is increasingly "esoteric" and based on elements "not visible to the naked eye". This leads to the fact that power games take place in workshops accessible only to a few, where patents and knowledge are known and owned only by a few.

It is painful to remember it: freedom, rights, social equality are not irreversible GIFTS, but seasonal CONQUESTS that need presence and participation to be confirmed over time. Nor should we expect the "representations" to always play the role that the people have bestowed on them.

In short, the question is no longer and only knowing how to move between the folds of international norms and treaties (maybe!) Trying to defend "old common sense"; you have to study, be updated and not be nostalgic for past seasons because apparently less complex: natural, more human.

The political, financial and military elites include several sociopathic subjects who, in order to maintain power, are ready to kill and / or have them killed and killed ... they are ready to use (and so do) any new possible discovery and knowledge, even to to the detriment of the Peoples, if this appears favorable and "profitable" to them. So let's not be surprised, let's not be overwhelmed by the sense of helplessness, and above all let's not just comment on what is "visible".

"We are made of the same substance of which dreams are made" (William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act IV)

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