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News preview Back from Covid ... Thanks!

Back from Covid… Thanks!

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A few lines to thank the doctors and staff of the National Health Service to whom I owe my still being here and the possibility of resuming a relationship with "Moondo", his readers and authors (or perhaps they say followers).

On January 3, after sending the note, Who is afraid of the wolf? on the possible government crisis, politely posted on the net, Covid-19 has had the upper hand.

The emergency room and then the hospitalization at Gemelli for three whole weeks, during which I was subjected to intensive therapy that prevailed and, finally, allowed me, after another ten days of stay and treatment at the IDI, to come out in a vertical position, although in the final report we read that the possibility of going out "by the feet" was very high.

I tell my personal story for a single purpose, that of bearing witness toefficiency of public health, to the self-denial of doctors e of all health personnel to whom I had the good fortune to be entrusted, with special thanks to humanity and kindness which has continuously distinguished their attention.

An important observation concerns the departmental structures where I was hospitalized. I got the impression they were wards reopened to have sufficient places available to tackle the ongoing pandemic. It would be very useful if so many political scoundrels, before opening their mouths on the use of EU resources for health, they did - I do not say a stay as a patient - but at least a documented reflection on the state of things: structures, technical means e sanitaryie, not least, a re-evaluation of wages to categories of professionals to whom the lives of tens and tens of thousands of Italians are entrusted and dependent.  

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