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During the day I often observe small facts that are characterized by their banality, sometimes disturbing, sometimes interesting.

These are ubiquitous observations that spare no place. The bus is a means of transport on which I picked some "goodies". The first banality that comes to mind is the disappearance of the plate that in the past warned "Do not talk to the driver". Actually, I don't think it's appropriate to disturb the driver who has a headset in his right ear (the left is busy listening to traffic) and talks calmly and continuously with his interlocutor.

It is not trivial that no traveler respects the entrances and exits indicated by the service and I am curious to see what will happen when a resolution is implemented that speaks of the obligation to pick up passengers only from the front door so that the driver can check the passengers. . It is a news from the newspaper that does not explain what the evaluation method adopted by drivers is, as happens in all countries of the world when the driver also collects the ticket money.

Another banality is the "shoe" indicated by a plate that makes a fine show of itself on a door behind the driver. The impertinence that distinguishes me prompted me to ask for explanations. I thus learned that the locker contains the wedges or "wedges" that are used to block the wheels of the vehicle when it has to stop on a road that is not flat. I searched for the word on the Devoto-Oli and found it. What I have not found is the need to indicate the locker so clearly and with a big word from a crossword puzzle unknown to Italians and incomprehensible to foreigners. It is not trivial that I have never seen the wedges in operation despite the number of trams and buses stopped due to mechanical accidents.


The other plate that catches my attention is the one on which the available seats are indicated. A series of numbers that I can never interpret while the passengers are so many as to make the bus more like a can of anchovies than a means of urban transport that also allows you to see the city it deserves.

A third plate is interesting for travelers, a plate to indicate that the registration certificate is kept in the third drawer on the left above the handle used to pull the handbrake. All this essential information is aimed at the attention of travelers and not that of drivers. Wouldn't it be enough for the drivers to be informed?

When you stand in front of the elevator together with other people you will see that the vast majority cannot press the right button to go up or down. The keys are notoriously two, one indicates the ascent and the other the descent. It is very common for them to be pushed incorrectly and more commonly both at the same time with the result that the elevator will take you up or down but not necessarily where you want to go.

Another not so negligible banality is the frequency with which television journalists and men who deal with politics cover their frontal baldness with hair drawn from the nape and scattered on the forehead like innocent curls, or fixed with a gel that the lights of the studio light up suitably making the head bright. If it were true the concern that the shiny forehead reflects this should happen to all bald people while instead we observe that this does not happen when people show their baldness without problems. On the other hand, a little powder on the forehead would be enough to avoid the reflection of light. The worry of showing baldness is a sign of a bad relationship with your body so as to prefer the fiction of "bring back" - remember the Macario curl? - false and ridiculous. What confidence can you have in people who avoid openly demonstrating their maturity? The cinema has shown in a thousand ways the ridiculousness of men who resorted to the carry-over or the wig. Yet these gentlemen journalists or deputies are many, they are not ashamed of their clumsiness which unfortunately does not make me laugh, as happens in film gags, but it makes me so sorry. Journalists and politicians worried about their physical appearance and the fear of looking old are very often important

It is not a triviality that the term "report" is not present on the Devoto-Oli, but richly illustrated by Wikipedia; That we should think of a difficulty in talking about it?

"Curious notions not only make pleasant what is unpleasant, but also make more pleasant what already is". Word of Bertrand Russel! I am sure that the great pacifist philosopher and the mythical co-author of Italian neorealism have known and respected each other.

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