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News and curiosities from the world Barcelona: the covid experiment allows 5.000 people to attend a concert ...

Barcelona: the covid experiment allows 5.000 people to attend a live concert

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Press review of the week from 21 to 28 March

It hadn't happened for over a year. Exciting and hopeful, we can define it as the new experiment held in Barcelona. The first real concert since before the pandemic: 5.000 participants with no limits of distance, euphoric and excited for an event, which today appears to be a privilege for a few.

All this happened at the Palau de Sant Jordi, where the band's show was staged Love of Lesbian.

A concert made possible by careful screening of all participants who had the obligation to undergo an antigen test. Only 6 people, among the 5.000, tested positive and could not be part of the event.

An experiment that has reaped excellent results, stimulating the hope of the promoters and the public, so that such events, and with a greater scope, can return to our daily life from this summer.

Going back to living the experience of participating in a concert, being able to scream, jump, hug each other, be able to recapture a forbidden normality in small pieces. A goal achieved only through competence, meticulousness and organization.

No distancing between participants, antigenic pad to access and the obligation to always wear an Ffp2 mask.

The participants inside were divided into groups of 1800 people, with the possibility of having drinks in a confined space. Already last December two live concerts with similar rules were held in Catalonia, although the number of participants was lower. The pilot initiative was designed to establish a new protocol to be adopted in all countries in the near future.


Opponent Alexei Navalnyi is serving a two and a half year sentence in a penal colony in the Vladimir Putin region.

On March 25, his collaborators filed a complaint with the prison administration and the general prosecutor's office expressing strong concern for his physical and psychological safety.

According to the International newspaper, Navalnyj is subjected to "torture through sleep deprivation" and suffers from severe pain in his back and right leg.


New Zealand continues its battle to protect women's rights and becomes one of the first countries in the world to promote pay leave for female workers following a miscarriage.

Three days of paid leave for bereavement, this is the new law approved unanimously by the deputies in Parliament. India alone provides six weeks of leave in the event of a spontaneous termination of a pregnancy.

Ginny Andersen, the Labor MP, promoter of the law, said in Parliament "I hope that we will be among the first, but not the last, and that other countries will begin to legislate for a more humane and equitable leave system that recognizes the suffering and pain following miscarriages and death at birth.".

A courageous step forward following the numerous legislative initiatives supported by women's rights organizations. A law capable of breaking down the prejudice, the taboo and the stigma that lies behind the mourning of a miscarriage.

North Korea
On March 26, the official news agency KCNA confirmed the missile test of March 25, stating that two new generation tactical guided missiles were launched. According to reports from the International newspaper, missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads have reached their targets in the Sea of ​​Japan after traveling more than six hundred kilometers. The United States, Japan and South Korea contested the missile test conducted in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.


It happens in Indonesia, in the South Sulawesi province. Two female suicide bombers blew themselves up in front of a Catholic church in Makassar immediately after the celebration ended. The Indonesian police registered fourteen injuries, including four guards, following the explosions.

The two suicide bombers arrived aboard a motorcycle and blew themselves out of the main gate. "They wanted to enter the church complex," police spokesman Argo Yuwono testified.

The celebration had recently ended, it was about 10.30, the building was crowded with faithful who came for the celebration of Palm Sunday.

The parish priest of the church, Wilhelmus Tulak, very tried by the incident, explains that a group of faithful was leaving the church while another was entering.

The perpetrators of the attack lost their lives following the explosion, the motorcycle was destroyed and the police are still trying to identify the bodies to understand the motive for this attack.

The extremist group Jemaah Islamiyah has not yet claimed responsibility for the attack, so it is not excluded that it was an independent gesture.


George Tyndall, 74, a gynecologist at the University of Southern Los Angeles, was arrested in 2019 on suspicion of sexually abusing hundreds of patients on the university campus. On March 25, the University of Southern California finally reached an agreement, paying the sum of more than a billion dollars in compensation for the abuses committed by the gynecologist.

At the moment the man, as reported by the International newspaper, is on bail awaiting trial and faces a sentence of more than 50 years in prison.

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