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Letter from Barcelona: there is no peace for the Comtal City

Barcelona: there is no peace for the Comtal City

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In recent weeks, several nefarious events have been added, from the disasters of the mayor Colau, who seems to no longer be able to stem his catastrophic choices in terms of roads and street furniture, so much so that a group on Facebook has been created, entitled "Anti- Colau la destructora de Barcelona "which obviously does not need translation, in the elections for the renewal of the Government of Catalonia, which saw the Socialists of Pedro Sanchez win with Salvador Illa, former Minister of Health of the Government of Madrid who resigned precisely to stand in the Catalan elections and oppose the separatists, but also saw the excessive power of the two independence parties, the left one, Oriol Junqueras' ERC, sentenced to 13 years in prison, and the right, J xCat with Laura Borras since party leader, Carles Pudgdemont is currently "expatriate" to avoid the country's prisons, they have the majority, so there are still problems for Catalonia, if, after all, the national alists are lazy and do not leave their homes to vote unlike very motivated separatists, this is ...

But that was not enough, last week the arrest of an almost unknown rapper, such Pablo Hapel, arrested for crimes unrelated to the lyrics of his songs that incite violence especially against the Crown. The troublemakers were waiting for this opportunity to start attacking the police again both in Madrid but in particular in Barcelona, ​​the arrest in fact took place in LLeda, a few kilometers from the Catalan capital, so once again fires of dumpsters and destruction and looting of various shops and banks. Many infiltrators who do this as a profession, but certainly these latest events do not help the recovery of the city which, to this day, is fighting tooth and nail to regain a semblance of normality while respecting all the rules.

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