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Uncomfortable diary Because doctors lend themselves to justify those who abstain from work ...

Why do doctors lend themselves to justify those who abstain from work without being sick?

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The peak of the flu epidemic is usually during the holiday season. Absentees in local authorities reach up to 95%. In these days, 37 railway workers out of 43 on the Centocelle line fell ill. In the Hippocratic oath, which introduces the profession, the clause prohibiting complicity of the doctor with those who ask for the certificate that justifies the absence from work without reason. Perhaps between the fifth and fourth centuries BC, when the founder of medicine lived, honesty was implied and no false claim was made. Today a disciplinary note and sanction is needed to curb the doctors' malpractice.

Here's how to prevent and treat flu with food

Is it possible that a team of women, even southerners, has isolated Coronavirus?

It was expected that - if not in virtuous countries where the spread and public debt are lower - the discovery would take place in our north, the excellence of medicine, where the streets have no holes and the syringes cost less. That is why, the scientific world is surprised that in forgotten cities such as Campobasso, Procida and Syracuse, scientists have grown, whom the whole world today looks at with admiration and gratitude. Now the fear is over. There won't be millions of dead. Perhaps the vaccine will be produced. Even the Chinese find it hard to believe. That south so poor and backward, but always so brilliant.

It is foolish to compare Italy to England and the Lira to the Pound, if we left the Euro it would be a catastrophe

Yet there are those who write on FB: “If London decides to leave Europe, there will be a reason”, meaning that, being the English better than us, we should imitate them. They also held the pound. Therefore, it was foolish to prefer the € to the Lira. In fact the reasons are there and also obvious. England - it will then be history to judge their convenience to Brexit - acts in league with the US, which prefers a weaker EU to bully. The pound is a strong currency associated with a vast empire that has not yet passed. While ours was continually being devalued.

An inconsolable family looking for a foothold to soothe pain and despair

Giulio Regeni will not come back to life, nor will his memory be honored, invoking useless justice. We know that the secret services of a military dictatorship that oppressed the Egyptians killed him. What is the satisfaction of identifying material authors? Why put in trouble the ambassador and the Italian government, which cannot declare war on all those who do not respect individual freedoms and human rights? They are the citizens of those countries, who, mindful of the ancient cultural traditions, must rebel. Above all, he would like no other young man to suffer his same fate.

Maybe we go too fast, without realizing that, in the end, we die

Speed ​​is the dream of individuals of an era in which one enjoys risk without chasing any premium. We have no goal except to excel in nothing and, if there is no chasing money or power, to appear. The mobile phone has partially alleviated the boredom that characterizes this generation. We started with paragliding, then it was the turn of extreme sports, today we cross the road with the red traffic light while the cars driven by drunks and drug addicts speed by. Time is also challenged on the rails, to arrive only a few minutes earlier. While at home some children wonder why they are orphans.

And I who dreamed of the dictatorship, where the state takes care of everything and it is easier to live

Freedom is not just an individual right, but a collective wealth. For example, it allows doctors to warn the scientific community that they have identified an unknown and probably dangerous virus. In a communist country it is not possible. In fact, when Dr. Li Wenliang, who later died himself at 34, communicated it to the Wuhlan authorities, it was December 30, a month before the epidemic spread. How many victims and damages could be saved! But instead of thanking him, he was told to keep quiet so as not to cause false alarms. The party is there to guarantee everyone's health.

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