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News preview Why don't Germany and Holland want eurobonds? Let's do 2 accounts

Why don't Germany and Holland want eurobonds? Let's do 2 accounts

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Why don't Germany and Holland want eurobonds?

In short, a European debt security, representing the average of the continental economies, would pay a little lower interest than what an Italian bond would pay and a little higher than what a German or Dutch bond would pay. This means that, in fact, Germany, the Netherlands and others who do not have our debt on the rump would give us money. «At current rates, a Euro-bond from 500 billion to 30 years would pay 1% against the Italian 2,54%. Taking into account the portions of guarantee capital, the greatest interest charge in 30 years would amount to 40 billion for Germany and 8 billion for the Netherlands, to the benefit of Italy, Spain and Portugal ". Of course, everything would be less difficult, in the discussion that sees us pointing to the public amusement by the Dutch and Welt, if we showed a serious intention - perhaps documented - to reduce our debt, perhaps in the years to come [Penati, Rep].

"In the ideal world, medicine should be proportional to the disease, not to the capacity of the patient's wallet. But the ideal world does not exist. Much less in economics. This is demonstrated by the aid packages that each State is launching to deal with the coronavirus emergency: in Europe the countries most affected by this virus, that is Italy and Spain, are among those that are deploying the least resources as a percentage of GDP for cope with it. The data, processed by Pictet Asset Management excluding state guarantees, speak clearly: at March 31 Italy had fielded state resources equal to 1,4% of GDP, Spain equal to 1,3%, France equal to 1,8% and Germany equal to 3,5%. With the paradox that watered down medicine has reached the countries that most need horse care. Reason: by chance, the countries most affected by the virus were also those with the least capacious portfolio. That is, the most indebted and less strong ones in terms of public budget "[Longo, Sole].


Filippo Inzaghi doesn't want to go on TV. "I've always refused. I couldn't criticize someone who does my job because I'm aware of how difficult it is. If you are on TV you are always right and I don't feel like going through what knows everything ». 
On his illness for football: «I have a crazy love for this profession. I like everything, I also love sacrifices, if you can call them those that are up to us. And for me the category does not count: the A is the same as the C, I only ask to do what I love. I was happy in Venice, even in Bologna despite the difficulties. And they are in Benevento ». 
He is sick with calcium. «When I was playing for Juve and Milan, my teammates on Mondays took the scores from C1 and C2 and questioned me. Where does this play? And this other one? I wasn't a player wrong. And neither is my brother "[Agresti, CdS].

On the front page

• Everything will be closed until May 3rd. The unions said it after speaking with Prime Minister Conte. The new decree is expected by tomorrow
• In Italy, the number of new infections and daily deaths has increased again, however, the number of people recovered remains high. Eighty-eight fewer admitted to intensive care. The drama of the dead doctors is growing: over 100. The government has canceled the order of the mayor of Messina but Musumeci has closed the Strait until Tuesday. The Interior Ministry strengthens the controls for Easter. The German newspaper Die Welt, very much against giving money to Italy without the control of the Troika, wrote that "the mafia is waiting for Brussels' rain funding". Di Maio got mad. The Eurogroup document limits the use of MES without conditions: this money can only be used for interventions in the health sector. Restlessness in Rome
• We have exceeded one and a half million infections in the world. In New York, a new record of deaths in a single day: 799. In Spain, the number of deaths slows down: for Sánchez, the peak has been reached. The Polish borders remain closed until May 3rd. In Belarus, cases of infection have reached 1.481 and to think that President Lukashenko had said that "there is no virus here". U2 donate 10 million to Irish healthcare. In Afghanistan, the Taliban also fight the pandemic
• The Senate has approved the Cura Italia decree on which the government has placed its trust. Harsh controversy from the opposition that voted against. The atmosphere of collaboration is already over
• Oil production cuts agreed between Arabs and Russians. But the price of the barrel is not affected. Arabs buy shares in oil companies, including those of Eni
• Argentina has no money to pay its debts and is close to bankruptcy again
• Another 6,6 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits in the past week and have joined the 10 million who had already done so. The Fed has announced an additional $ 2.300 trillion in support of the US economy
• For the first time in China dogs and cats have been excluded from the official list of edible animals
• FCA has reached an agreement with the unions to restart the plants safely. The agreement was approved by Burioni
• The Italian volleyball championships of each series and category will not end. The badges will not be awarded and there will be no promotions or relegations
• Linda Tripp died, who recorded her friend Monica Lewinsky's phone calls and thus started the scandal involving Bill Clinton.

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