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Uncomfortable diary In front of those who have suffered it is right to stand up and take off ...

In front of those who have suffered it is right to stand up and take off your hat

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Making us assist from the Constitution, which would be better to read before making an out of place irony, some clarifications on Liliana Segre, a granny who deserves respect and not derision, are necessary. At 13 she miraculously saved herself from an extermination camp, not a concentration camp. She is a senator for life because she is designated by the President of the Republic for having given prestige to the country with high merits in the human and social fields. Those who are elected to Parliament are nominated by the party, most often for having licked the boss's ass. Have so many women to despise!

Liliana Segre
Liliana Segre

The terms change, but the inefficiency has remained unchanged

For some time the rivers have not overflowed, they overflow. The terminology changes all the time, even if the disaster is always the same. There was a time when they overflowed. It is not clear whether to make the flooding appear more serious or because they do not know the difference between shore, probe and summit. Using verbs aside, the phenomenon happens all the time. The damage is huge, sometimes even the dead escape us. Instead of restructuring the landslide once and for all, we expect good weather. There are those who get rich on unnecessary repairs and have an insured income for life.

Freedom is sacred and is also convenient for those who would foolishly want to suppress it

Shakespeare said that ends where the others begin. Hence, no one has the right to insult and offend, nor to spread lies or even instigate violence. It is not only the laws that establish it, but common sense and intellectual honesty. Strangely, these politicians have been exempt from these prohibitions for some time. By now we are so used to this derogation that we no longer notice. So much so, everyone does it. However, the gentleman, who blushes to tell an innocent lie, has moved away. There are those who, although not capable of it, believe they can decide the fate of the voters.

Why be surprised if an anti-fascist pub is set on fire?

It is wise and right not to be a fascist. Instead, anti-fascist is an act of war which then justifies a reaction, most of the times violent. If you fight, set on fire and kill yourself, it is because there is no tolerance, respect for the ideas of others, even if they are wrong, as perhaps ours too. Despite being full of flaws and responsibilities, we have the presumption of wanting to judge others. Maybe we could learn from who we think is wrong. Instead, we are always anti. We accuse. who does not think like us to be on the wrong side. In fact, we are fools who deserve what happens to us.

Poor parents who gave birth to a child with an incurable disease

The refusal of a child or relative, suffering from a serious impairment, is not caused by indifference or a lack of sensitivity. But from a physical and moral weight that not everyone is able to face and bear. It is certainly easier to judge. Therefore, do not blame those who are experiencing a drama, which none of you have had the misfortune to go through and which, instead of solidarity, more often than not, creates friction and disagreements in the family. It is always the weakest subject that we believe we defend to suffer the consequences of unjust accusations. Misfortunes should cement the union, not break it up.

Even a child, if dark in skin, is already a shitty nigger?

Balotelli & C have little to complain about the insults in the stadiums and the racist chants. Humiliated by idiots who prefer not to identify or punish, at the end of the month they enjoy, at least, a hefty salary. More serious is if, attacked by a mother, it is a 10-year-old child who plays in the chicks of Aurora di Desio. These are the episodes that mortify and degrade the country, which in ancient times was a beacon of civilization and social progress, today a tribe of ignorant people. Italy is not a racist country, but it is populated by some coward who thinks himself a hero. And, then, we take it out on politics.

At one time we were a people of saints, heroes, poets and artists

Less than a century later we are the opposite. Unruly, thieves, liars, scammers and murderers. He insured the farmhouse for a million and a half, as if it were an atelier in Piazza di Spagna in Rome. He made her collapse to get rich. Instead he killed three fathers and will spend the rest of his life in jail. Criminals, who think they are smart, have not yet realized that, with the technology that the police have, it is no longer possible to get away with it. Crimes that go unpunished are now rare. But they continue to steal and kill. Because today even the criminals are ignorant and stupid.

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