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Network Pack the fruit and vegetable products in the best way to protect health

Pack the fruit and vegetable products in the best way to protect health

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The National Academy of Agriculture, given the current situation of great health emergency that is going through the country, intends to raise awareness among producers, the Italian agri-food chain and the press on the need to consume more national fruit and vegetables because they are fresh and rich in contents and elements healthy. Furthermore, for hygienic-sanitary purposes, he considers it important that fruit and vegetables be placed on sale prepackaged in sealed containers.

The fruit and vegetable sector, at this moment, is going through a period of relative tranquility as it has not yet reached the peak of production and therefore easily manages to prepack the current seasonal productions related to strawberries, peppers, courgettes, aubergines, cauliflowers, head cabbages, broccoli, radicchio, artichokes, asparagus. Swiss chard, lettuce, escarole, fennel and celery, etc. In fact, these productions are reaching the consumer well selected, calibrated and packaged.


This behavior must also be carefully implemented in the coming weeks as, with the start of the large seasonal productions, the distribution activity could undergo a slowdown in the packaging process, especially for fruit, potatoes and tomatoes, which represent the large portion of the annual Italian fruit and vegetable production (25 million tons).

The current regulations given by the government to citizens regarding the flow of food to retailers (supermarkets, hypermarkets and specialized distribution) can lead to a greater permanence of fruit and vegetables in the stores themselves. The Academy invites to pay particular attention to the inevitable early deterioration that some products can have if not stored in cold rooms, such as horticultural and asparagus, as they are affected by the daytime heat and quickly ripen.

In a time of crisis such as that which our country is now experiencing, we ask to pay particular attention to the Italian agri-food economy which must be supported and protected for the important socio-working role it plays for Italy. , but above all for the quality and safety (well certified by the competent Authorities) of its products which are indispensable for the health of citizens.

The National Agricultural Academy invites producers and the Italian agri-food chain to prefer the placement on the markets, or in large retail chains, of pre-packaged fruit and vegetables in order to preserve food quality in an environment with hygienic-sanitary safety, and is certain that consumers will particularly appreciate the additional effort.

In fact, the consumption of well-sealed products is a safe and hygienic strategy at a time of serious infection such as the one we are experiencing and allows us to access spending more occasionally to continue maintaining a healthy and respectful lifestyle. 

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