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People of Moondo Bodies, the review of Corinaldo's shows

Bodies, the review of Corinaldo's shows

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From 11 April work begins on “Bodies”, the review of Corinaldo's shows, which will range from the Greek myth to Dante, to project us into a universe made of art, dance and entertainment. A review created by various companies that will accompany Corinaldo throughout the spring.
Patrizia Salvatori, Artistic Director of the Review, answers

“Bodies” will make Corinaldo's spring impregnated with art and dance. Is this the right way to start again?

Asking a dancer or a choreographer means hearing the answer Yes, because you start from what you want most and the dance comes from a need. After so much closure, the sense of freedom is expressed in the harmony of the body that interprets hidden emotions and feelings.

The E.sperimenti Dance Company kicks off the World Dance Festival on April 29th. What does the show intend to communicate?

In reality, the performance is constructed in paintings that the choreographer Federica Galimberti has wisely chosen to express gestures, suggestions, emotions and harmonies expressed by the different “bodies” of the Compagnia's performers.

The initiative of 11 April is aimed at gathering the creativity of those who assist also via digital. What exactly does it consist of?

In reality, the online interaction of April 11 aims to solicit reflections on an audience stopped at home that the closures have accustomed to using the screen, in reality the digital way required enough time to have reactions even in the chat of the events.

The show and the dance seem to be increasingly "digitized". What are the strengths, if any, and what are the difficulties?

Technology must always be "used" by remembering that man is the author of it, thus maintaining that emotional power of heartbeats that make the difference in a living being and in harmony with Nature. Obviously, technology approaches when you cannot have anything else, but it is capable of moving too far away when you could get close.

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