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Sunday 9 May 2021

News preview The Budget law as in the Monopoly game

The Budget law as in the Monopoly game

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I believe that we are ridiculous, by now the budget law we are discussing is reduced to the Monopoly game, what more can be said if a Deputy Minister of the Italian Republic, the Hon. Massimo Garavaglia, I read a chronicle of the Corriere della Sera which says: "What are the coverages of the flat tax (question to himself), I won't say otherwise Di Maio steals them from me".

It is not a game: neither the taxes nor the Budget law. They are very serious things, which concern the lives of millions of citizens, millions of businesses, in short, it concerns the life of our country, everyday life and the prospect of our future. It cannot be treated in this way. Garavaglia cannot say "we have different models on this". Does Garavaglia have models for Italian taxes? "We will choose together with Salvini and the other friends to decide which is the best model." The other friends? The government is made up of political leaders, of men of government, they are not four friends at the bar! What is this cheap language? Why treat the Italian people in this way? Because it is a problem of respect for citizens, who pay taxes and also pay many.

And Di Maio who is no less replies: "Well, I also have my budget law, which we can do now or in three months (as if it were a blanket, shot from here, shot from there, let's do it now, no let's do it in three months ...). If we do it by cutting the tax wedge, I am available, even to make it in deficit (taking money that we do not have, that is, making a debt), because in this way hundreds of thousands of jobs are created ". It reminds me of Berlusconi so much, do you remember when he signed the contract with the Italians at the Vespa table, promising a million jobs? Do we want to understand that jobs are not created with Budget maneuvers? That jobs are not done in government rooms, but companies are needed? And then Mr. Di Maio does not reduce himself to a miniature Berlusconi, he does not even have the intelligence and ability. The million jobs Berlusconi has never created them and Di Maio will certainly not do them.

So let's stop fooling ourselves and make serious people. Here I would make a call to the Garavaglias to the Di Maio, to the Salvini, please, a little more seriousness, not courage, because Salvini answers Di Maio "to do these things it takes courage". No dear Salvini meanwhile, seriousness, competence, study, knowledge, knowledge are needed. You are a gang of ignorant people, this is the truth, and you express yourself as such.

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