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Uncomfortable diary But how did we get so reduced?

But how did we get so reduced?

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Instead of strengthening Lazio, buying some champions to reward the loyalty of the fans, Lotito wants to win with Alitalia. Who knows if he has the necessary money. As a guarantee, he will put his players. We were hoping for Air France, Lufthansa or KLM. But no one takes us seriously now. The best we deserve is Lotito. He started from the garbage collection in Fiumicino, now he wants to fly higher. It is the evolution of homo sapiens, which, if this continues, could sooner or later return to living on all fours. All in all, however, it is less traumatic than meeting Palamara at night in a dark alley.

Lotito wants to buy Alitalia
Lotito wants to buy Alitalia ... and social media react. Photo credit: Facebook.

The women's national team wins, even if they lose the ball every two passes

Football for women is only hope for now. Fairness, elegance, justice and above all common sense. But there is still no emotion. We return to pure sport, as in the days of Gabetto, Maroso and Rigamonti, who today would have just a citizenship pension. Of course, there must be a difference in compensation between the champion and the wingman. But not many millions. For now, however, victory depends on chance. The result is constantly hanging in the balance. Until the end, one or the other team can win. It is a fun competition between young girls who behave like adults and imitate men.

Those who complain ... to be sent to that country

Problems of survival for the poor Enzo Paolo Turchi, 70, choreographer best known as Carmen Russo's companion in art and life. With the poor pension he receives - from hunger as he rightly defines it - it is not possible to live. But he is not the only one. Just € 720, less than that of citizenship. How come, when he was a successful dancer, with all the money he made, he didn't bother to pay in a few more contributions like all people who plan to grow old do? If he had known about La Fontaine's tale, it would have been less wasteful.

The first died in France on an electric scooter

There are still a few. But do not despair that accidents increase with the increase of users. These toys, which fascinate even the youngest, are very dangerous in the city. They should only be allowed on pedestrian areas or on cycle paths. However, one eye is closed and circulation is allowed everywhere. Industrial production must not be sacrificed to protect some human life that is worthless. If there are fools who buy them, let them use them. In the meantime some other deadly vehicles will be born that will fascinate those who must feel fashionable.

He will have to pay 30 thousand euros or serve six months in prison

Nine years ago when he was still a handsome movie star Ornella Muti could not resist the temptation to accept, while he had an artistic commitment in Pordenone, an invitation to dinner by Putin at the Winter Palace, the ancient residence of the tsars in St. Petersburg. An ill-advised doctor certified a false disease that justified his absence from the theater. But photos in the newspapers revealed the lie. The impresario asked for compensation for the damage received. It was 2010. The actress thought that the cases in Italy never end. Instead, today that he is penniless and without work, the final sentence has arrived.

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