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Free Thought But is the legend of the Stellone true?

But is the legend of the Stellone true?

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With the typical ritual of meditated decisions taken in places characterized by maximum confidentiality (rectius: secrecy), the current President of the Council of Ministers (aspiring "Head of Government" of Mussolini's memory, "with full powers" even Nazis) reached the “Served” by the real forces which, partly (minimal) in an obvious way, and part (much more consistent) in a hidden way, decide the destiny of the country.

The post-coronavirus reconstruction phase will most likely be entrusted to others: 
a) who know how to "read and write"; 
b) that they can surround themselves, having no inferiority complexes to protect themselves from, people who are familiar with the rules of law and especially with the Italian language; 
c) who do not take measures deemed "patently illegitimate" by academic and official "legal science" (perhaps not free from past faults of economic or institutional "breakdowns" and "cloaked", for the generosity of the mass-media system, of some title " excellent ”not really due); 
d) who know how to serve the interests of high finance better and with "fake dignity", more and more seriously worried about the damage that the current "gang-dachshunds" with its thousand commissions, task forces, control rooms, number congregations growing virologists, infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists is providing not so much to the innocent inhabitants of the Peninsula as to the hypothesis of that return to a new "feudalism" (of money and no longer of the latifundium), seen by the super-rich as a destination to finally sleep quiet (with or without necessary appearance of productive life and democratic regimes).

Of course, as always happens in the councils of people used to the occult exercise of power, the name of the new "savior" of the boot has not been mentioned, but it is likely that it will be leaked in the coming days: it will be necessary to give time to the mass-media system (who so far has exalted a prime minister, who came out of nowhere, but, in any case, capable of the typical speech of the lawyers of the southern province) that that character, according to Italian juridical wisdom, has committed unforgivable errors; above all due to the demonstrated and proven inability to escape the suggestions (sometimes even those clearly far-fetched and bizarre) of medical science, it must be put aside to allow the country to "restart".

It is clear, for those who do not intend to follow the motto of the three monkeys with a bandage on the eyes, a cap in the ears and a gag on the mouth, the direction in which the Italian convoy will move. 
The restart, due to the lack of a liberal force, able to understand what Donald Trump (with the North American Republicans) and Boris Johnson (with the British Conservatives) clearly understood about the anti-industrial purposes of the Finance Tycoons, does not it will have another direction and destination than that desired by the City's Wall Street headquarters, by the well-paid Technocrats of Brussels, by the Jewish and Christian factions and by the Vatican IOR.

This stubbornly anti-modern line of return to Feudalism is supported, politically, by US Democrats, British Labor, Social Democrats and Christian-socialists (of various denominations) of the euro-continent, all of whom are left without "mirages" to offer to the people, sufficiently disappointed with their past false promises.
On the other hand, Italy cannot allow itself adventures of a different kind (moreover already experienced in the "short century" with catastrophic results) based on extremist forces (yes, but only on the level of verbalism in the streets) and in fact always eager to hide, perhaps for grim electoral calculations, under that same blue mantle of the Madonna that also keeps the monetary trafficking of that Institute for Works of Religion (IOR) safe from secular attacks (IOR) which allocates the proceeds of the Pence of St. other and what leaked in the media) to the purchase of profitable buildings in central London.

In the absence of an authentically liberal political force that aims to maintain man's creative and productive role in industrial society, born after the bloody period of the French Revolution, it is unlikely that the path taken by High Finance towards a new Feudalism could be hindered . 
On the other hand, history offers us examples of revolutions that happen to things done and never real revolts aimed at preventing. 
This is not a comforting prospect.

Humanity has known times when the income of wealthy landowners came from the simple possession of the land and the substantial slavery of serfs. 
Well, if in the heart of Europe the Trump, the Jonhson and characters of similar political stature do not emerge immediately, the Euro-continental people will know times in which wealth will be produced for the Tycoons of Finance by the simple possession of the currency and the accounting work of human or digital robots.

The men who are in the minds and purposes of the overt and hidden rulers of the Italian res publica will certainly go in the occult direction. Even if it will no longer be a "ship without a helmsman in great storm", Italy will be more "servant" than ever. 
We must ask ourselves: But is the legend of the Stellone that protects us really true? 

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