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Good people Di Maio, Renzi, Salvini: the three little mischievous ones

Di Maio, Renzi, Salvini: the three little mischievous ones

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Di Maio, Renzi, Salvini: three great political leaders, true stars of the firmament (even if one is a bit crippled but pretends nothing!), This time they made it big, taking advantage of the great heat and the preference given by the Italians on summer holidays rather than reading the newspapers are changing the Constitution.
It lasted from 1948, was now a bit old: hushes are updating it also to avoid too many bureaucratic delays and waste of time in decisions.

For now, the first measure seems to concern Parliament, with its tedious debates, the exchange of different opinions, the formulation of defamatory accusations, perhaps like that of having attempted some small affair to remedy the classic 4 banks ... Better to avoid these things they know a lot of mothballs: today you can talk to the sovereign people even without looking out from the balcony, either that of Palazzo Venezia and Palazzo Chigi, directly with Facebook: it also has the advantage of letting you speak without anyone being able to reply except to applaud, as Tigellino did when he spoke in Nero of Petrolini.

Di Maio, Renzi, Salvini: the three little mischievous ones
Di Maio, Renzi, Salvini: the three little mischievous (www.tpi.it)

The Prime Minister announces that the TAV will be done: Di Maio can tell his loyalists that he cannot do anything to prevent it by not having a majority in Parliament: no one will be able to ask him if he didn't know it until yesterday, when he still spoke saying that the TAV she wouldn't have done it at all.
Salvini can list many beautiful things, made just yesterday for the Italians: no question about what you think of Russian oil or if by chance it is not boasting with its own personal merits a decision taken by the CIP for the next few years.
Renzi can enunciate the PD's strategies in parliament: no question on who decides the political strategies of his party, at least for now.

Facebook is definitely preferable to Parliament: no wonder, therefore, that in a tomorrow not far away Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama will remain closed, open perhaps only for a visit by schoolchildren, curious to know what is called Parliament on books.

It's hot: better not to think of such complicated things, better sea, sun, mountain, always trusting in the goodwill in the Italian stellone to save democracy, Republican institutions, Parliament ...
It will be difficult with these mischievous ones!

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