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Good people Di Maio, Salvini, Tria, Savona: the 4 knights of the Apocalypse

Di Maio, Salvini, Tria, Savona: the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse

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Di Maio, Salvini, Tria, Savona: 4 men on horseback gallop towards the heart of Europe similar to the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse, with the intention of causing a sort of global destruction so that there is the famous change. They have no weapons: they each wave an auction with a large tricolor flag and launch heavy insults, as is now customary for Salvini in particular, against this or that exponent of the EU. Once targeted are the bureaucrats, the next day the politicians, Salvini has now specialized and his cries, such as those on the sobriety or otherwise of Junker, leave their mark. Nobody cares more: there are those who smile to make them happy, like when listening to children's jokes and those who remember the famous "a regazzì, if I come there, you pijo pe quà and I bang you there" by Gustavo Cacini, Roman comedian of the last century.

Di Maio, Salvini, Tria, Savona: the 4 knights of the Apocalypse
The Knights of the Apocalypse (1887) represented by Victor Vasnetsov.

Meanwhile, on the international markets, Italian public debt securities are losing value, international financial agencies are preparing for further negative assessments of the Italian economic and financial system, savers are biting their hands, Italians are preparing to pay in some way the major interests of the public debt.

Mattarella has so far tried to stem the drift, but with poor results. Conte, the President of the Shadow Council, has been called to report to the Quirinale, but seems to have once again entrenched himself behind his notarial role, with respect to the decisions of the Vice Presidents.

Tria has accepted the part of the bad public accounts defender, redeemed by the yellow-green faith. Savona has shown once again what pasta is made of, a great banker, accustomed to playing indoor and indoor to weaving his subtle textures.

Salvini and Di Maio demonstrate progress in studying nothing as the content of politics. Will the 4 knights achieve their goal? It seems a little difficult for them to succeed. They have a Europe against them that giving in to Italian pressure would weaken it enormously on the eve of next year's European elections, which have a decisive importance for the very survival of the Union. They will have to overcome the parliamentary obstacles that will certainly not be lacking when the budget law will be discussed by one or the other chamber, in addition to the foreseeable resistance of the President of the Republic to endorse with his signature legislative provisions of dubious constitutionality. Then there will be the electorate which, apparently from the polls, appears unconvinced by an income of citizenship that is appropriate especially for the manufacturers of sofas, of which there will certainly be a great demand to comfortably wait for the end of the month with its 780,00 euros, to be spent with the App, to avoid the annoyance of interested parties going to collect them at the bank or post office.

Lately the horses of the 4 splendid riders seem a little eager to stop galloping and go back to their stables…

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