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Uncomfortable diary Of course, it would have been better if they were Maghrebi or even Negroes ...

Of course, it would have been better if they were Maghrebi or even Negroes ...

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It would have been better if they were Maghrebi or even Negroes ... Instead, two twenty-year-old Americans confessed. But are we sure they weren't Arabs? Those, however, are not so idiotic as to risk life imprisonment for an offense that involves just a tug of ears. It is true that the illegal immigrants are harassing but they do not kill a carabiniere for a hundred euros. They would have given him a kick or kick in the genitals. It is indeed true that cruelty and foolishness sprout in our civil society. Are we really going to rot them in jail? What if the US takes it badly? Who knows if in some cases it is possible to consider murder only a girl.

the killers of the Carabiniere Rega are American
The killers of the Carabiniere Rega are American

Freedom comes at a cost, but most men consider it an unnecessary expense

Italy is the country with the cult of escapes. The tax ones are more sensational. But even from prisons they are substantial. There are continuously, unfortunately facilitated by the complicity of some interior. You can even run away from the housekeeper in a wheelchair. A 5-quintal bear just escaped from the cage. Yet the fence was electrified. But sometimes the power goes out. He was perhaps outraged by the name they gave him, mistaking him for a highway. A49. It is in the nature of animals to seek freedom. Instead, for men, fools, it is more important not to pay taxes.

Only Rome, like the Marquis del Grillo, buys at a high price and sells cheaply

Football enjoys wallowing in money, like Scrooge. And the taxman is watching. But is it really true that so many billion dollar transactions take place? What would be the consequences if all this money really got into circulation? United returns Pogba to Juve for 170 million, but pays 120 to Lazio for Milinkovic. A little less cost Mandzukic at Dortmund and Kean at Ajaz. To the China that overpay anyone, until he learns the value of the dollars, the unfortunate property of Rome asks only 18 million for El Shaarawi, who will have 15 as an annual salary.

Luciano never left Naples, nor did he elbow for the first floor

De Crescenzo was no less than other acclaimed. Indeed perhaps more intellectual, ironic, subtle, philosopher. Most read and widespread in the world. But he left the scene 10 years ago when he started to lose his mind. It was then that it was to be commemorated. Moreover, he left us only a few hours after Camilleri, who had occupied all the spaces on TV and entire pages of newspapers. The official scoundrels, who pretend to be anyone's friends to gain visibility, had already given their best. Unfortunately, it was his turn to go away in silence, with a few short strokes, as happens, sometimes throughout his life, to the real grown-ups.

"I don't smell left wing, that's why they don't make me work"

It is the lament of Jerry Calà, protagonist in the past of great masterpieces, today penalized by politics that fear his popularity. Poor man, he believes that in this period in power there are the far left and the social centers that do not allow him to perform. By pretending to be a right-wing intellectual and claiming success he never had, he accuses of being unjustly sacrificed by ideological discrimination. Yet this is the moment of the mediocre of both sides, therefore, H24 should work. But he didn't notice and it's better not to reveal it to him.

It happened to Gina Lollobrigida, but also to many other fools

I have never understood why to argue with children if they ask for money. So much more do they care about others, interested and dishonest. At least those have the same blood. You brought them into the world, without them asking, perhaps during a sexual accident. Eventually - at 90, if you get there, and sometimes sooner - you find yourself in court explaining why you preferred to be duped by a stranger. You don't know what to answer and you make a great shit. Think you've ruined your children's lives for a fistful of dollars that you can't even carry around. What an idiot.

We do not miss anything, not even "Casa Totti"

We didn't expect it from them. A couple so serious and close-knit, nobody has it, not even Juve. For many years they have been two reserved people, never chatted, that not even the Lazio dares dare to criticize. But they could not resist the temptation of ridicule to which even champions are attracted today, thanks to vanity, ignorance and the need for visibility. They will return to the era of gas ner vino and other gags, which they had got rid of thanks to exemplary behavior. But those used to applause can no longer do without it and thus waste the prestige and dignity they had earned.

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