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Natural Theater Chocolate prevents and reduces depressive symptoms

Chocolate prevents and reduces depressive symptoms

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Il dark chocolate reduces the risk of depression up to 70% according to a new study led by University College London, published in the magazine Depression and Anxiety.

For the research, a survey was conducted on 13.626 people, who had taken part in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 2007-2008 and 2013-2014. Daily chocolate consumption was calculated by asking them to remember what they had eaten in two 24-hour periods between three and 10 days apart, while depressive symptoms were assessed using a special questionnaire.

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Dark chocolate (AlexanderStein by pixabay.com)

Overall, 11,1% reported eating chocolate, 1,4% dark. In the latter case, it emerged that the consumption, even of different quantities, brought a 70% lower probability of depressive symptoms. The study also conducted by the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services Canada also found that people who consumed a lot of chocolate of all types - between 104 grams and 454 grams - also showed about 57% less likely to experience depressive symptoms. . Sarah Jackson, who led the research, says the results provide "some evidence" that consuming particularly dark chocolate can reduce the risk of depression.

The team writes that “there are a number of potential mechanisms through which the consumption of chocolate could prevent the onset or cause a reduction in depressive symptoms. Chocolate contains numerous psychoactive ingredients, including two analogues of anandamide (which produce effects similar to the cannabinoid responsible for the euphoria in cannabis) and phenylethylamine, a neuromodulator believed to be important for regulating mood and implicated in the development of depression ". 

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