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News preview Concerts, cinemas and events today

Concerts, cinemas and events today

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Second weekend of August. Italy is quiet but lively, with many people who will not leave this summer and will have the opportunity to experience their own completely different city. Few foreign tourists, few Italian tourists who have preferred to choose seaside and mountain destinations. A summer with musical, cultural, fun events for all tastes.

Concerts on Saturday 8 August 2020

  • Max Gazzè at the Amphitheater of the Soul in Cervere (Cuneo)
  • Vinicio Capossela at the Egnazia Archaeological Park of Fasano (Brindisi)
  • J-Ax at Piazza Cagnasso in Alba (Cuneo)
  • Niccolò Fabi at Rione Fossi of Accadia (Foggia)
  • The Vibrations at Piazza della Vita in Civitavecchia (Rome)
  • Bob Sinclar at Old Farm - Contrada Piano delle Donne in Belvedere Marittima (Cosenza)
  • Alessandro Mannarino at Gilberti Refuge - Sella Nevea locality in Chiusaforte (Udine)
  • Fred De Palma at the Praja Disco in Gallipoli (Lecce)
  • Motta near Val di Ranco in Sigillo (Perugia)

Today at the cinema

  • HIGH LIFE - Science-fiction, prison movie and scientific fairytale tale Claire Denis rediscovers her organic and transgressive style. Science fiction, Adventure - Great Britain, France, Germany 2018. A film by Claire Denis. With Robert Pattinson, Mia Goth, Juliette Binoche, Lars Eidinger, André Benjamin.
  • GALVESTON - A work in which existential unease is present in every single shot. Action, Drama - USA 2018. A film by Mélanie Laurent. With Ben Foster, Elle Fanning, Jeffrey Grover, Christopher Amitrano, Mark Hicks
  • I LOVE THE STORM - Surreal tones and level cast give life to a reflection on a present that has now become the past. Dramatic comedy, Italy, Germany 2015. A film by Maurizio Losi. With Nando Paone, Maya Sansa, Leonardo Lidi, Chiara Anicito, Eleonora Giovanardi.

Other events today

Roma: The appointments of the great summer events continue, from Cinema in the square a Summer evenings to the Castle of Santa Severa. Still shows, concerts and theater in Ostia Antica, at the Circus Maximus, in The Terraces of Eur.

He lit up all three Cinema arenas in the square, with meetings, screenings and appointments for children as well. Saturday 8 August an evening for children and families is scheduled in San Cosimato with "Toy Story", in Casale della Cervelletta an appointment with "Mystery Train" by Jim Jarmusch and in Ostia with "Schritten" by Camilla Iannetti and a tribute to Sordi with "The doctor of the mutual society ".

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