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Recommended Cities in difficulty as riots of government actions flare up

Cities in difficulty as riots of government actions flare up

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The gravity of Trump's decision to send federal troops to Oregon and threaten to send them to other cities to "keep order" but underneath and above all for his electoral campaign, where he is spreading his message as an apostle of "law and order ”Urges me to dedicate the entire space of my column to this topic.


Cities are struggling as riots of government action flare up. Resurgence of protests. Anger and clashes in response to federal troops on the streets. First two questions we should ask ourselves: is it legal to use federal troops inside the country? Must the president have requested it from the local authorities (governor) or can he act on his own initiative? The answers are dubious, as various federal laws treat the matter unclearly. Certainly there are many illustrious precedents: Kennedy for example sent the army to Mississippi on his own initiative to quell riots over the admission to university of a black student. Even for that action, it is now accepted by all the principle that "enforcing civil rights and other federal laws in the absence of state action are circumstances that allow the president to unilaterally decide on the use of the army".

All this just to say that Trump may have acted, strictly speaking, legally, but certainly without the existence of any of the aforementioned circumstances. In his habitual conceit, ignorance and arrogance, he sent troops to Portland in the worst way: with no request from the governor, no real emergencies, no recognizable uniforms on or on vehicles, no precise mandate other than the wholly insufficient mandate to defend a couple. federally owned. A substantially peaceful protest took place when demonstrators were assaulted by a gang of heavily armed strangers who dragged a demonstrator into a vehicle without license plates or other insignia shouting, “What do you want? Who are you?" Which, in the following days, was followed by similar scenes, very similar to real war scenes, with federal agents still "in civilian clothes", armed and violent. It is obvious that this could only trigger solidarity in other cities, with the consequence that the protests, which were gradually fading, have immediately resurfaced in other cities such as Seattle, Oakland and Los Angeles and are reviving a bit everywhere.

Bravo Trump, start the riots and then send your jokes to calm them down. Nice tactic. Who like me, who lived in the 70s in South America, knows that all the dictatorships born in those years (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, even the super democratic Uruguay) started in the same way: blind support of the army, improper use of the army itself, indifference to constitutional laws, weakness or connivance of parliaments. Then years and years of dictatorships some (Argentina and Chile) of unheard of cruelty with the disappearance of thousands of opponents killed even throwing them into the ocean by military planes. Let's hope, let's hope, let's pray that the same line is not being followed here, which however seems to be in the head, devastated by the fear of electoral defeat, by Trump.

Biden said the president's idea of ​​injecting a federal law and order presence into the already volatile police behavior situation shows he is determined "to sow chaos and divisions, to make things worse instead of improving them." The situation has left the local authorities, who see riots exploding in their streets, outraged and caught in the middle. The mayor of Portland said, "There is no doubt that the action in Portland made matters worse, not only in Seattle, but across the country," which viscerally refuses to see the military in the cities, and try to reject them by any means.

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