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News preview Clash between Di Maio and Benetton: "Atlantia company decotta"

Clash of Di Maio and Benetton: "Atlantia company decoction"

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It is a war between the Benettons and Luigi Di Maio. Interviewed by Bruno Vespa a Door to Door on Atlantia the vice premier said that the government promised the families of the victims of the Morandi bridge that it would revoke the motorway concessions to the Benettons. Therefore when this happens Atlantia will lose value on the stock exchange and become a "decoction" company: "If we put them in Alitalia, they will also make Alitalia lose value, they will make the planes crash".

Statements followed by Atlantia's reply, which reserves the right to activate any legal action and initiative to protect its interests: «These declarations disturb the performance of the Atlantia share on the stock exchange, anticipating the alleged conclusion of an administrative procedure that the minister Toninelli said only yesterday "to be still in progress", and cause serious reputational damage to society ".

Atlantia owns Autostrade
Atlantia owns Autostrade

Shortly after, Di Maio replied: "The Benettons were quicker today to respond to the undersigned (threatening legal actions) than to apologize to the families of the victims."

Interviewed by the press, the other vice-premier Salvini distanced himself from Di Maio: «We are talking about a company that gives thousands of jobs, is listed on the stock exchange and invoices tens of billions of euros. Before giving summary judgments, when there are jobs involved, I am always very careful ».

«Di Maio wanted to hit the group with bags open almost to demonstrate to his old friend and now rival, Alessandro Di Battista, that when he wants he can shoot her bigger than he is. Now of the Atlantia group everything can be said except that it is "decoction" and in any case a minister of a G7 country has never been seen aiming to bring down the title of a national company »[Di Vico, CdS].

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