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News preview Clash Draghi - Erdogan: 1.500 Italian companies active in Turkey are very worried

Clash Draghi - Erdogan: 1.500 Italian companies active in Turkey are very concerned

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Erdoğan replies to Draghi: «Me dictator? And he is rude. Italian-Turkish relations are damaged ». The 1.500 Italian companies active in Turkey are very worried

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• Bernie Madoff died in prison aged 83. He was serving a prison sentence of 150 for having masterminded the largest Ponzi scheme in history
• In Fiumicino, a Marshal of the Guardia di Finanza wrote a farewell letter, shot his partner and then committed suicide
• In Termini Imerese, near Palermo, a woman was arrested on suspicion of killing her husband two years ago. The man was thought to have died of a heart attack, but instead she poisoned him with cyanide
• In Rome, an esteemed director of the Ministry of Education, under investigation for corruption, decided to end it by jumping out of a window. She failed to kill herself, now struggles between life and death at Gemini
• Yes of the Senate to Italian citizenship to Patrick Zaki
• Letta intervenes in defense of Speranza, who ended up in Salvini's crosshairs for the too cautious line on the pandemic
• There were another 469 deaths yesterday. The positivity rate rises to 4,8%, while the number of people admitted to intensive care still falls (-36). People vaccinated (2 doses) are 4.091.366 (6,86% of the population)
• In Sardinia 15 doctors are being investigated for having illegally vaccinated their relatives. Figliuolo has inaugurated a vaccination center at the Lingotto in Turin, one will also be built in Cinecittà. In Bologna, a travel agency organizes vaccination tourism in Serbia
• In a year of Covid in the European Union there were 685 thousand more deaths than the 2016-2019 average. Macron will pay for ten sessions by the psychologist to the children troubled by the lockdown. Denmark has permanently blocked AstraZeneca's vaccine
• French political scientist Olivier Duhamel admitted raping his XNUMX-year-old son in the XNUMXs
• The policewoman who killed XNUMX-year-old black Duante Wright in Minneapolis was arrested. She is accused of second degree murder
• The ship that blocked the Suez Canal was seized: Egypt asks for a billion in damages
• Coinbase, a cryptocurrency trading platform, went public on Wall Street, earning $ 21 billion to its founder
• Maria Fida Moro, daughter of Aldo, will not have to pay taxes on her annuity
• Lee Aaker, Rin Tin Tin's Rusty, is dead. He had ended up in poverty after struggling with alcohol and drugs
• Vincenzo Nibali falls in training and breaks his wrist. Today we operate. Tour of Italy at risk
• In Monte Carlo Sinner was beaten by Djokovic. Sonego, Caruso and Cecchinato are also out. Of the Italians, only Fognini goes to the second round
• Champions, City and Real go to the semifinals


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The gap between Italian and German debt, already at an all-time high in 2019 (75 percentage points), could reach 92 percentage points in 2024 (62% for Germany against 154% for Italy) [Cottarelli, Sta].

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