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Network Codes on the barricades

Codes on the barricades

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The Codes association is committed on several fronts: on the one hand towards TikTok, the popular social network, in vogue especially among young people, which, according to Codes, presents a series of critical issues that damage consumers, and on the other hand the management of burials in the capital on which he announced a complaint to the Prosecutor's Office to investigate a matter deemed intolerable as well as serious.

“On TikTok we have decided to contact the Competition and Market Authority - explains Ivano Giacomelli, National Secretary of Codes - because we believe there are serious and dangerous aspects on which it is necessary to intervene. We refer to vexatious clauses in the conditions of service, many of which are unclear, and in the policy of virtual items, where there are also deceptive practices with the absence of an effective authorization mechanism to prevent abuse with in-app payment systems. to buy TikTok virtual coins. Misleading practices that are also found in the processing of personal data of users, who are not clearly informed about which data are collected, for what purpose and for what legal reason. Add to this the inability of TikTok to take careful measures to protect children and young people, particularly vulnerable in the face of unfair business practices, from covert advertising and potentially harmful content. We are facing risks that cannot be underestimated ”.

“We are faced with something scandalous about the burials in Rome - added Giacomelli - and we honestly do not know whether the delay accumulated for the burials or the justification provided by those responsible is worse. Closeness to families is not expressed in words, but in deeds. The country has been struggling with the Covid19 emergency for a year now, it is certainly not a novelty, just as the refrain of the small staff, the bureaucracy that slows everything down and insufficient cremation facilities is no longer tolerable. The situation was clear and known for some time, it was not necessary to get to this point. Ama and Roma Capitale had to intervene first to avoid adding pain to pain, with the excruciating protest of those who have been waiting for weeks and weeks to give the last farewell to those who are no longer there. Now that the case has broken out and Rome is distinguishing itself for yet another bad figure to the detriment of its citizens, the promises and commitments for an improvement of the situation arrive. We will verify that this really happens, but in the meantime we have decided to present a complaint to the Prosecutor's Office to shed light on what happened. In our opinion, there are violations of the relevant legal provisions and it is not possible to file everything as a consequence of the Covid19 emergency, as someone is trying to do ".

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