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"CODES"Center for Citizen's Rights, is an association of citizens committed to affirming, promoting and protecting citizens' rights with particular reference to the most defenseless and marginalized people.
Born 1987 as CO.DI.CI. and established itself in 1993 as the coordination of associations for the protection of citizens 'rights, in 1998 it dissolved its confederative structure and became the CODICI Association center for citizens' rights, as an association committed to affirming the rights of consumer citizens, without distinction of class, sex, religious belief and political belonging.
An activity present in a capillary way on the whole national territory. the Association, in fact, with its regional and provincial offices, is characterized by the direct contact it seeks to create with citizens, in order to grasp the real needs and offer concrete solutions.
Codes and Moondo have established a partnership to inform citizens about their rights, especially in the food sector. The collaboration “Consumer rights"By Avv. Carmine Laurenzano.