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Natural Theater Cold coffee remains the must of the summer

Cold coffee remains the must of the summer

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It is impossible to renounce the beloved cup of italian espresso and even when the summer gets hot, the Italians know how to enhance coffee with satisfying and refreshing drinks. In fact, there is no occasion to miss a good espresso and when the mercury column goes up, inviting products based on coffee and especially espresso appear on the beaches and squares. The heated gourmands sip the very traditional "cold coffee "and" on ice", In purity or with the addition of sweetened and" whipped "cream, coffee slush to be savored with and without cream and many other delicacies with toasted aromas, such as sorbets, popsicles, creams and ice creams.

cold coffee
cold coffee

Cold coffee: it goes over 6.000 million liters worldwide. Global consumption of ready-to-drink coffee reached 5.500 million liters in 2017, an increase of 19% since 2012, according to a new report by Zenith Global, a global consultancy and research firm in the food & beverage sector. Further growth is expected, with sales expected to exceed 6.600 million liters in 2022. Japan is by far the largest market, with 55% of global volume, North American consumption is also important, with growth annual rate of 13% and the introduction of new trends such as cold or nitrogen infusion, carbonation and black coffee. Iced coffees are also gaining ground around the world due to their taste, freshness, convenience and quality. In terms of regional shares, Asia-Pacific is the leader with 83% of the total volume, followed by North America and Europe with 10% and 3% respectively. Consumption has increased in all regions since 2012, spurred by the development of new products and the increased interest in healthier beverage choices. In Italy too, the consumption of cold coffee is increasing, in this case the focus is on quality products or products linked to traditional local recipes such as Salento-style espresso with ice, or shakerato. The coffee granita is more common in southern Italy, while the “granita coffee” is typical of the Amalfi Coast. Then there are the "cold medium" of eastern Sicily, flavored, up to the "grandfather's coffee", a cold cream of espresso.

The recipes of professionals to be redone even at home

But how can you best savor Italian espresso in the summer under an umbrella, in bars and in beach and city clubs? For the Italian National Espresso Institute (Inei) some professionals of the sector have created special recipes. Marco Cini of Mokador, offers the "Coffee ReFresh-Mint", an espresso based on mint, ice, dark chocolate, milk and mint syrup to be served in a Martini cup. The Espresso laboratory on behalf of Filicori Zecchini proposes the American Espresso made with espresso, Campari bitters, red Vermouth, soda and ice splash. Andrea Pinturi of Caffè Milani offers "Fra 'Momo", a double espresso with liquid brown sugar, cardamom berries, mint syrup and skim milk. Vito Campanelli for Essse Caffè instead launches the recipe for "Puffed Coffee" with a Masini Selection espresso, crystalline ice and Salento almond syrup.

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