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News preview Collapsing cemeteries in Rome

Collapsing cemeteries in Rome

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Deputy Pd Andrea Romano is unable to bury his dead son for two months, because the Prima Porta cemetery is full: "Mayor Raggi, your shame will never be enough"

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• Clash between the government and the regions on reopening: the governors write to Draghi asking to postpone the curfew to 23 pm, to also open the restaurants indoors and to reduce the percentage of face-to-face lessons in schools
• The Senate gives the green light to the Def and the budget gap of 40 billion
• Minister Cartabia recalled Undersecretary Grillo Macina who had intervened on the case of the video of Grillo in defense of her son. "We need confidentiality on open court cases"
• There were another 360 deaths yesterday. The number of people admitted to intensive care is 3.021 (-55). The positivity rate rises from 3,9% to 4,4%. People vaccinated (2 doses) are 4.878.103 (8,18% of the population)
• Germany will purchase 30 million doses of Sputnik. In New Orleans, bars offer a shot of the vaccine included with drinks. First case of Covid during the Olympic torch relay in Japan. In India they burn the dead on the street
• Seventh postponement for the Ruby ter hearing in Siena: Berlusconi again obtained the legitimate impediment because he was hospitalized
• A conference call conference on climate with more than 40 heads of state and government has begun. Biden has promised to cut emissions by 50% by 2030. Environmentalists, convinced that this is too little, have unloaded twelve wheelbarrows of manure near the White House.
• The NASA Perseverance rover succeeded in extracting oxygen from the atmosphere of Mars
• A Syrian missile exploded in southern Israel, which responded with a raid
• Taliban attack in Quetta, Pakistan: a bomb kills at least five people. The target was the Chinese ambassador
• The man who, last November, convinced two boys aged 14 and 15 to kill a drug dealer was arrested. He had promised them a thousand euros each as a reward
• New shipwreck off the coast of Libya, possibly 120 dead
• UEFA president Ceferin threatens the 12 clubs of the now lost Super League: "They underestimated me, there will be consequences"
• Napoli-Lazio 5-2, Atalanta-Roma 1-1


MI5 has opened an Instagram profile [De Carolis, CdS].

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