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News preview Sartana (called Renzi) arrives: Django (called Di Maio) you're done!

Sartana (called Renzi) arrives: Django (called Di Maio) you're done!

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The rumor spread quickly: after some hesitation Sartana (called Renzi) decided to bury his famous colt 45 and take the field to cancel Django (called Di Maio) from the political scene who for his part challenged old Smith and Wesson .

For many it was not a surprise: Sartana, put aside by his friends, had been meditating for some time to face openly that Django who more than once had declared with ill-concealed dislike that he did not even want to hear about him.

The two great gunslingers of the west will soon face each other in the Saloon of Montecitorio and in that of Palazzo Madama: there will be plenty of opportunities. There is for example that of the reduction in the number of deputies and senators, which Renzi has always declared not to look favorably, knowing full well that if approved it will make it very difficult for minor parties (and his will not be among them) be represented in parliament, except to find a place in major parties at the expense of their political identity.

Renzi and Di Maio
Renzi and Di Maio

If the Renzians, or Italia Viva, in Montecitorio vote against the constitutional law that establishes the reduction, it will be very difficult that it can be approved. It will probably be the first clash in the open field.

Sartana (called Renzi) clearly has no intention of attacking his former PD friends frontally: he will shoot obliquely at the pentastellato group to hit them with a rebound.

It is almost easy to foresee bullets spinning on the head of the poor sheriff Mic-Mac (called Conte) who already now seems a little disoriented by a change of scene he did not expect: poor man forced to be a sheriff when he earned so much good money making the lawyer. Things that happen to the best ...

We will certainly see some good ones: "A dollar of honor" will soon become a second-rate western film on television reports of the clash of the two great gunslingers.

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