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Sunday 9 May 2021

Leafing through the New York Times The communities hope to be able to employ their unemployed

The communities hope to be able to employ their unemployed

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The Pennsylvania governor wants to hire unemployed to help the state monitor the spread of the virus in the coming months. In Austin, Texas, the municipality voted to hire unemployed people to prepare the ground for the fire season. And Wisconsin started paying unemployed people to fix a long-disused pier. Across the country, state and local officials are studying how to hire local unemployed directly to clean parks, help protect the environment, and collaborate with health. For now, the assumptions are few, but local officials hope that the system will extend to other areas and above all that it will lead to an increase in contributions from the government.


  • The epidemic pushes New Yorkers into legal limbo. Due to the closure of the city, a backlog of cases explodes. The coronavirus is putting extraordinary stress on the New York justice system, forcing long delays in criminal proceedings and raising growing concerns about the rights of the accused. Since February, the arrears of pending criminal cases has increased by about a third, up to 39.200. cases.
  • Trump suspends work visas until the end of 2020. Technology, childcare, even health care jobs are in danger. Thousands of foreigners have been barred from looking for work in the United States
  • Contagion centers appear in moving locations as states reopen. Especially affected bars and churches. The resurgence of cases of the virus signals a risky phase and a long struggle.
  • Conquer Arizona? Biden supporters see a possibility. In a republican state for years, signs of optimism for Democrats had already come from local elections. Now, four months after the presidential elections, optimism is turning into real trust.
  • Thorny, sticky and sublime: Thailand is counting on its fruit in the crisis. Effort to increase exports as tourism declines.


  • A discovery near Stonehenge. The discovery of a series of trenches in a nearby village makes the area the largest prehistoric structure in England.
  • Mixed signals from the West Bank. Israeli politicians wonder if the annexation of the West Bank is a way of bringing Palestinians to the negotiating table or if peace could lead to annexation.
  • Recalling a 1975 racist attack. As protests and anger grip the country, a 1976 documentary about an attack on a group of black children in New York still rings out. We talked to the then children about their experience.
  • Sweden rejected again. The other Scandinavian countries have closed Sweden because of its too soft approach to coronavirus.
  • The moratorium on evictions ends. Evictions will increase in number now that courts reopen and landlords are looking for their money.
  • Bolton's book is out - "The Room Where It Happened" has already been ordered in two million copies. For CNN there has never been such an overwhelming book for an American president written by his former adviser. Bolton touches all the chapters of American politics especially the foreign one, also touching Italy. Many however complain that Bolton did not declare all that refers to Ukraine when the impeachment process was underway, centered precisely on the 'Ukraine.

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