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Wednesday 12 May 2021


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Di Maria Pia Ciccariello

How much Connection has stabilized in this period, how much has taken over
and broke barriers of flat screens. Its values ​​have risen to unimaginable peaks, sprays of sparks that sparkle like golden fireworks, are coppery threads of new electricity.
These new shocks that are born in us, in our eyes that follow different paths in each second as data flows and infinite data do not follow physical, moral or ethical laws,
they come from our brain connected to the heart organ. These speak and tell about our condition. They observe us every day: basking on a chair with many blankets and pillows, complaining, talking without knowing what to say, thinking, imagining, looking out and enchanting, blocking our gaze ... in short, they live our usual day.

We would like to bring our mind out of the usual desk or table or kitchen top forced to always look at the usual images, pixel after pixel, always the same colors, shades of trees, clouds, mountains, sea, some houses and many sounds. Imagine enjoying an afternoon in a cafeteria, hearing the sound of saucers advancing on each other, the smell of coffee, the creaking of wooden chairs and the pages of newspapers that flow and our world always exists in front of us in a small screen full of images.

But this time it's different, we are satisfied, calm, relaxed and we are well dressed. While we adjust our socks, we hit by mistake near the arm of the table; we are no longer used to tight spaces we think; only now do we realize that we are in our world, real, how he was born, no longer in front of him but finally we are connected with everything he can offer us day after day.

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