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Restless heart Convalescence


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For some time I have not written anything in our beautiful newspaper because on February 10 they replaced my aortic valve, a routine operation but which involves a long convalescence. As always, the suffering and humiliations (the patient "object") were not lacking but, as always, the sufferings and humiliations bring us closer to Christ. I happened to reflect on this pedagogy or rather this style of God.

La manger where Jesus was laid, who has become a poetic symbol, in reality, let's face it, it was disgusting even if St. Joseph will have arranged it in the best possible way. The Via Crucis is a distressing spectacle and the words of Jesus in a beautiful rural setting were: "blessed are those who cry ..."With what follows. In short, following Jesus means a great thing in the heart and head but also an inconvenient path from a human point of view.

Yet the happiness of the saints is undeniable. In the mystics it is particularly evident: Saint Catherine of Siena refused to eat such was the joy of being united with her Spouse, while from a practical point of view she did more for her time than her contemporaries politicians. Just think of the Pope's return from Avignon to Rome: a difficult decision supported above all by the charism of the Saint. Suffering and joy, death and life.

Entering this mystery helps to understand the meaning of our passage on earth.
Man instinctively goes in search of material well-being, satisfaction of all his appetites. For his part, the Lord matures conscience until he understands that self-sacrifice for love is the only way to a happy human life. The encounter with pain and humiliation for a Christian is to be admitted to accompany Jesus on the Cross and therefore to participate in the joys of the Resurrection. Strangely, where life seems to be stopped, it comes out purified instead capable of recognizing the true joys of God.

Pain is always pain, pain hurts, but it is redeemed by joining Christ. In these days of hospital, when the head is not so shiny, two firm points have helped me: Jesus and His Mother, that's enough. The pain remained pain but it was accompanied, it had a value. I hope that the time I have left to live, a great gift from the Lord, is engaged in ways of giving oneself, of ways of love. What matters is being in love. Loving yourself is the only thing worth. The financier Soros and his colleagues make a petty figure in front of a family mother who works and knows how to love. The first makes news, the second makes history with a capital S.

I went home and found the situation well described by the media. An epochal event that brings us all together in a single situation and destiny. Pope Bergoglio's prayer from St. Peter's on March 27 was an unforgettable scene with multiple paintings that remain engraved in memory. For me the profile of Jesus remains in the foreground while the rain falls copiously beside it. Still the same message. The Lord suffers with us a pain that seems total, even the sky weeps. But the resurrection will come, we will laugh again, the sun will return. But we won't be the same as before. We will be wiser, more understanding, less attached to material things, with more faith in God.

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