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News preview Conte, a "technician", a giant among dwarf politicians

Conte, a "technician", a giant among dwarf politicians

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Matteo Salvini pulls the plug on the government, indeed no ...

Matteo Salvini announces to the four winds that he wants to pull the plug on the government, but he does not. He could do this simply by withdrawing his ministers from the executive, and the Conte government would go home. And instead it threatens, accuses, announces, but nothing does to make the crisis effective. On the other hand, taking responsibility for a crisis is not a walk, it is necessary to explain and explain well. But above all it is necessary that the Italians understand and probably the Captain is not so sure that all his electorate understand.

In this context Di Maio is a supporting actor, already torn by internal struggles for his succession, with a Di Battista outside the door (waiting to sit at the command table), with half of the voters (those on the right) already married in the court Salvini and the other half (those on the left) still in the Movement but imbufaliti for the votes given to Salvini in the approval of the Security Decree Bis. Not an easy position, not even for him.

In the middle is Conte, the technician lent to politics (you know what's new ...), who as a supporting actor today assumes a key role in this seaside crisis (Papete docet). In his speech yesterday evening, the mistreated Premier Conte stands tall against a dwarf (Di Maio) and a fake populist dwarf (Salvini). Conte is not there, he modifies his "role" in the race and, as guarantor super partes between the two contenders, he becomes Salvini's worst enemy.

Premier Giuseppe Conte
Premier Giuseppe Conte

In his speech, after the live via social networks of all the major political leaders (connected by the most unlikely places), the Premier presented himself in the press room at Palazzo Chigi, giving form and substance to his words, accusing and challenging the Minister of the Interior, three stilettos that leave their mark:

  • he wants the crisis to capitalize on his party's consent by putting personal interest before national interest;
  • take responsibility for the crisis and come to Parliament to vote on mistrust of "your" government;
  • you are not talking about a government that does not, the one who was at the beach while the government was at work.

Not bad for a "technician" who challenges politicians on a field that is not his, politics.

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