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News and curiosities from the world Covid in New York: hundreds of corpses abandoned in cold storage

Covid in New York: hundreds of corpses abandoned in cold storage

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Press review from 16 to 22 November


It seems impossible to imagine that such a thing could happen in a city like New York, but hundreds of lifeless bodies are still deposited, since the beginning of the pandemic, in refrigerated trucks on the Brooklyn riverfront.

People whose family could not be traced or who, due to lack of money, could not afford a dignified burial.

It is about 650 corpses from Covid that date back to last spring. An inhuman image that is still dealing with the management of the first wave and that trembles in front of the imminent hypothesis of a second one.

Public schools have been closed to try to limit infections and new restrictions are already on the table.

America cannot afford an overwhelming second wave. In the meantime, New York has raised its contribution to help families in difficulty in organizing funerals from 900 to 1.700 dollars.


Patrick Zaki, the Egyptian student of the University of Bologna accused of subversive propaganda, now in prison for more than nine months, was arrested in controversial circumstances on 7 February.

The hearing for Zaki was announced for November 7, but for security reasons linked to an election, it has been postponed for another 45 days. Hoda Nasrallah, the boy's lawyer, was unable to report more precise news and dates.

Amnesty International confessed in a message to Ansa that it is pessimistic about it, as the boy faces up to 25 years in prison and in Egypt, pre-trial detention can last up to two years.


On November 22, the presence of Covid-19 was detected for the first time in France in a mink farm, precisely in Eure-et-Loir.

The ministries of agriculture, health and ecological transition have ordered the culling of 1.000 specimens still present in the farm.


On 21 November Kabul was attacked by Isis. The death toll shows the deaths of 10 civilians following the explosion of the rockets and 51 injured. Afghan Vice President, Amrullah Saleh promises to hunt down the culprits who acted and helped transport the rockets.

In just 6 months, the Taliban were responsible for 53 attacks and 1.250 attacks, causing the deaths of 1.210 people and 2.500 injured.

A devastated country that suffers the latest clash in view of the meeting on Saturday 28 November in Doha, Qatar, between the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Taliban and negotiators of the Afghan government.


Fortunately, in a period of great bitterness, Warsaw is celebrating. “Deepstop” the deepest swimming pool in the world, 45,5 meters, inaugurated in Mszczonow, snatches the world record from the “DeepJoy”, 42,5 meters in Montegrotto Terme in the Paduan area. The pool is intended for the training of divers and for tourist attraction.

The director of the facility announced that 8.000 cubic meters of water were needed to fill it and it took two years and 8,9 million euros to build it.

There is also a project to build a hotel whose rooms will have a view of the swimming pool and divers.

A new record with the number of minutes counted if you think about the next world record that will be inaugurated next year in the United Kingdom with the “Blue Abyss” a 50 meter deep pool.


A man was killed by yet another shark attack in the crystal clear waters of Cable Beach, a very popular beach on the north-west coast of Australia.

As reported by the government agency of Toroga Conservation, this is the eighth victim of 2020.

The man was recovered offshore by the emergency teams who tried in every way to keep him alive by performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but that was not enough given the lacerating wounds inflicted by the animal.

According to local media, the victim is a 55-year-old man who was swimming alone, around 9 in the morning, when he was suddenly attacked and mauled in the thigh and hand with vehemence and ferocity by the deadly predator.

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