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Free Thought Covid19 goes on vacation to the sea

Covid19 goes on vacation to the sea

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Giacomo Leopardi, in Discourse above the present state of Italian customs writes that our compatriots lack the feeling of society (id est: the sense of collective living in an organized community) and that, in bad and deleterious compensation, the same have, unfortunately , a good dose of cynicism and indifference to the existence of others.
In the poet's opinion, the recurrence of this double circumstance does not improve the overall life situation of the inhabitants of the boot.

In other words, this happens: when the Italians become aware that something is wrong in the direction of their interests, not only do they not care about what, even of bad and risky things, can happen to others but also become coldly capable of evil and of wickedness towards their compatriots; probably also because they know that, whatever their behavior, there will be no forgiveness from the representatives of the Eternal on this Earth.

It is known, in fact, that they are rather broad-handed in profound mercy.
Of course, far from me any intention to contradict the Vate (which as readers know is, with Baretti, the "number" of my reflections), I wonder if the Coronavirus pandemic and above all some prescriptive measure of our rulers, considered by some a real idiocy, do not worsen the situation, already in itself, not enviable or admirable of the Italians, so admirably described by Recanatense.

A government rule of the so-called "phase 3", allowing, even without expressly specifying it, a lifeguard assigned to rescue on a beach in the Bel Paese not to observe the "social distancing" of one or two meters from those who are about to drown in the waves waves, however, prevents him, having reached the beach, from attempting "mouth to mouth" breathing for fear of an unconscious passage of the Covid 19 virus from the savior to the drowned or vice versa.
I do not know, at present, if the punishment imposed on the lifeguard, who by an instinct of generous altruism attempted that extreme act of rescue, will only consist of a substantial monetary penalty (as a reduction of his salary) or will go even further (virologists, in suggestions for rulers to punish crimes are particularly severe and it is therefore good for others to spend the rest of their time between test tubes and microscopes in the deepest anonymity outside the pandemic), but I am sure that the judgment of men particularly attentive to the divine commandment of love for one's neighbor and also of those who do not give up using, albeit, with extreme moderation (given the circumstances) logic cannot be benevolent for the inventor of such a norm.

Preferring that there is a safe death (by drowning) instead of the simple, possible risk of a contagion, which is not necessarily fatal, may appear, reasonably, not only contrary to the above considerations of the atheist Leopardi but also rather in accordance with a choice of ruthless Nazi ferocity that was considered lost forever.

Of course, the Italians who are perhaps not as brave as Mussolini (who even declared them "heroes") in the face of the amenities (at least the most stupid, surprising and destructive) of his rulers, have been able to do nothing but remember Don Abbondio and accept that they cannot give themselves the courage that other peoples, with or without colored vests, also find for much less.

Even if their representatives in the Parliament and in the Government have exceeded the level of guard for the lack of any elementary common sense and they certainly cannot be said unaware that from the observance of the rules by virologists (issued, obviously, through intermediaries) they can derive damage to their safety, the inhabitants of the boot clamorously deny even the aphorism of Albert Einstein, according to which to change the world you have to change your mind.

With a hint of bitter self-irony, I can say that, probably, the only place in the world where even the change of thought causes absolutely nothing is Italy.
Conclusion. I can use, paraphrasing a phrase from the Life of Galileo by Bertolt Brecht (Blessed are the peoples who do not need heroes), reiterating an old concept of mine on the best condition of Anglo-Saxon liberal democracies.

I will say: Blessed are the peoples who, despite having their Jaws, do not need political leaders and heads of governments like Donald Trump to neutralize and silence them!

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