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Uncomfortable diary Criminals from all over the world, why don't you move to Italy?

Criminals from all over the world, why don't you move to Italy?

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Here, more than anywhere else, you will also learn to be cruel and, if they catch you, the penalties are mild. Men already neutralized are killed. People enjoy raping disabled people. Thus is discharged the excitement of drugs and the anger of frustration. Even if a stab is enough, a dozen are raged. Young people take advantage of impunity, but are able to vote. Then the Cassation intervenes, which is comprehensive. Wives, children and girlfriends can be killed because this is the country of Europe where the most cocaine is consumed and where arresting tax evaders is not democratic.


Who knows what Brussels people have in their brains

Angelo Ciocca, 44-year-old League MEP, believes, not always wrongly, that, to be more effective, words must be accompanied by a show. That's why he often performs in skits that illustrate his ideas. In the last session, the playful boy indignantly threw the chocolate, distributed to parliamentarians from Turkey, to urge them to admit the country into the EU. Rather than all following their example, they rebuked him. But isn't it a shame that Europe still discusses friendship with a dictatorship that wants to exterminate the Kurdish people?

We would certainly have fewer problems if elementary school were better

"The cat meows because it is hungry and wants milk", it seems a simple and understandable statement. For 66% of us, however, it is complicated. We only understand the main sentence. The Italians have learned to write and count, but do not understand what they read. It is the illiteracy of a time that we believed supplanted and that reappeared in other forms. Furthermore, university rectors and professors find in the degree theses errors of grammar and unheard of syntax. So let's not complain about the politicians. Whether things go wrong depends perhaps on the ignorance of us voters.

Everyone rejoices, without realizing that Fiat is no longer Italian

For President Conte, the merger with Peugeot is good. For economist Deaglio, this is a positive sign for the whole of Europe. Trade unions are also following the consensus. I, on the other hand, who do not understand much about economics - however, I have seen them in all colors - do not trust, albeit liberal, the fake magnificence of the industrialists. the merger between two giants increases non-job power. "My God, let me witness this socially useful financial initiative - said the shrewd widow who wanted to die centenary - and then call me close to my husband's holy soul".

For Africans, taking vows is like entering politics

Faith is not essential. It's an activity like any other to survive and ensure a roof and two meals a day. But unlike those who manage our lives, they do no harm because any mistake they make the Church is not scratched. Unlike the bishop of Messina, God was not scandalized by learning of the pregnancy of a black nun who lives in a convent in the Nebrodi Mountains. She too fell from the clouds when, on her way to the hospital, believing she was suffering from abdominal colic, they communicated the good news to her. But, in spite of Christian charity, she was expelled.

Man, especially if mediocre, needs to feel superior to others

An African intellectual said that Enzo Biagi reproached racism: "But we are only with the lower races". The controversies, therefore, are useless. Everyone thinks in a certain way and does not change his mind out of respect for a lady who survived the greatest genocide in history. Also because certain events, such as road accidents, only happen to others. The flop of anti-Semitism in the Senate once again proves that opinion battles are not fought with the laws. It is by constant example - perhaps turning the other cheek - that malice and stupidity are defeated.

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