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Crisis at the door Salvini and Di Maio do not give carte blanche to Conte

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Conte wanted carte blanche from Salvini and Di Maio to deal with Europe. At yesterday's summit he did not get it: «At the stroke of midnight, only the two vice-premiers materialize in the courtyard of Palazzo Chigi. They shake hands, they want to be seen by reporters. "Go on". It is the signal that something has gone wrong. There is no trace of Giuseppe Conte. Nor the full mandate requested by the prime minister to deal with Europe. From the blue car that must be accompanied by Francesca Verdini, the Minister of the Interior dictates the note that freezes the premier. “The common goal is to avoid the infringement procedure. Guaranteeing growth, the right to work and cutting taxes ”. And then, to be clearer: "There will be no corrective action and no increase in taxes". A slap in the invitation to Conte's reasonableness and the conditions dictated by Brussels.

Di Maio - Salvini, two wolves in cages.
Di Maio - Salvini, two wolves in cages. Photo credit: Future

And to say that the lawyer tries to the end to obtain the required investiture. On the night of Palazzo Chigi, he tries to transform weakness into a strength. Listen to his two vice premieres calling for battle against the Union, then fight back. “Maybe you think I'm not serious, but you're wrong. I won't put my face on an infringement procedure. Who will help us avoid it and change the EU, Orban and Le Pen rules? I do not believe. I'll have to deal with it. Without your full mandate, I resign. " Salvini threatens to bear the responsibility for a devastating European infringement procedure on his shoulders. And he hypothesizes an immediate step backwards, leaving to another non-yellow-green premier - even without the confidence of the Chambers - the responsibility to ferry the country to the polls in September. He only gets the chill of his deputies "[Ciriaco, Rep].

"The European elections have shattered the balance, however bizarre, between Cinque Stelle and Lega, so that the people's lawyer, wanted and indicated at Palazzo Chigi by the" grillini ", realized that to survive he had to play another role. The premier who would like to be perceived overnight as the guide of a government that is no longer political but institutional, based on a game of prestige, is playing his cards with a certain skill, having nothing to lose. Salvini is the one who gives the idea of ​​holding a poker of aces and not knowing what to do with it. It is as if he feared early elections. Winning with FdI, the remains of Forza Italia and some willing ones would impose precise constraints, first of all governing the country from an office in Palazzo Chigi, rather than through selfies taken in village festivals as it happens today. And from there, from the building, he should manage the disaster of the public finances. Too much for an astute politician, but certainly not a statesman. Here then Salvini seems somewhat willing to extend the life of the legislature at the end of the year. This is why Conte can be convinced that his second life as a "Mattarellian" institutional premier has become plausible: it is Salvini, with his indecision, who allows him to believe it "[Folli, Rep].

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