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Recommended Dear parliamentarians of the PD

Dear parliamentarians of the PD

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Dear parliamentarians of the PD,

I would like to ask you a question are you happy? Are you happy to be considered a category, a reserve, a quota? Or maybe you have been exploited by Letta's need to have group leaders "friends" and therefore a brilliant "crafty" to replace them with two women?

Are you happy and satisfied that two men / males resign not by will but by the request of the new secretary Enrico Letta? Is it a victory for you? I can't really believe it. But let's recap no appointment as minister and then the protest but where were you? And then to repair the appointments as undersecretaries. And now, to restore internal parity, you are appointed group leaders in the House and Senate. But why has the left been reduced to this, where are the battles over meritocracy? Are you deserving or are you women? Enough with this story of quotas, just be buried by mimosas and good wishes on March 8, just re-establish parity because someone imposes it. I really can not understand, I know many intelligent and smart women in that PD that defines itself, left, but maybe it is I who get confused, maybe it is I who do not know what it means more left. I, who must admit that the right has a female leader, who has appointed ministers, tell me that I am nonsense or that I have not understood anything.

I would not accept, I would not want concessions, let's change the way of thinking and in the case a little more courage in the choices of the party, on politics and if there is to vote against, vote against. I must say it is a sign of immense weakness, of inability to assert oneself, ideas, proposals, political vision not gender must win. Please don't tell me that the only way in 2021 to earn a job are quotas, if so we offend all the brave women who fought for rights, for equal opportunities.

So even in the elections a man and a woman are fine just to guarantee the famous quota, let me tell you how sad, for my teenage daughter I want more, I want her to know that she is the same as a man but that she will not be able to take advantage of shortcuts or reserves. Let's make the revolution and change the dynamics, we learn to team up and not to accept a logic that does us no honor, enough with rhetoric and politically correct, we need substance, we need politics, we need to build the future. As the socialist Rosa Luxemburg said "Freedom is always the freedom to disagree ".

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