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Good people Di Maio chose chemical castration

Di Maio chose chemical castration

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Luigi Di Maio is certainly not a fool: he does not have a great knowledge of the art of government but so far he has shown he has enough political sense to reach the leader of a political movement as a drink seller at the San Paolo stadium in Naples (once) very robust, as well as Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

The nose left him when he chose to govern with a character like Salvini, a cynical politician with an authoritarian vocation, with no other goal than that of research and management of power. The leader of the League immediately chose his favorite playground: telling tales to the Italians by arousing their sympathy for "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Snow White" (read tax reduction and hard life for migrants) was perfectly successful in his intent, has increased its fabulous repertoire by adding the "Sleeping Beauty in the woods" (read the change in the contents of the European community in the name of national interest). Strengthened by the electoral consensus obtained, it specifically stated that it wanted to impose its political line on the government in which it participates on a level of (formal) equality with the pentastellato.

Logic would have liked that at this point the five stars would leave the government alliance perhaps accepting the suggestions from above for a government defined as technical but with the same current parliamentary majority in order to take (even if only formally) the distances from the line government policy itself.

Luigi Di Maio worried
Luigi Di Maio, very worried after the recent defeat of the Europeans. It is squandering a wealth of votes, and its leadership is increasingly under discussion.

He was unable to do so: MPs and senators pentastellato, faced with the prospect of a government crisis which could be followed by elections that would leave many of them at home given the foreseeable worst result compared to that achieved last year's elections, confirmed their trust as political leader, thereby implying their desire to leave the government's reference framework unchanged.

The consequence is that now the brave Giggino finds himself having to say yes to all the requests of the ally Salvini, even to those that go diametrically opposite to the original program of his movement, trusting only that President Conte is able to mitigate them revulence.

In this way, while Salvini puts his hands forward warning his voters that changing Europe is for him only an attempt whose success does not guarantee, forgetting to indicate the consequences of the acts from the failure of his action, Di Maio is forced to increasingly distance himself from his disillusioned electorate.

Deputies and pentastellated senators, deciding on the basis of their personal calculations (many have purchased a house in Rome and have to pay the mortgage, 12.000,00 euros per month are a dream for small employees, artisans, semi-employed) deciding for the continuation of the current government experience have opted for their political suicide. Di Maio will only have to manage this chemical castration: in the end he will be forced to take responsibility for the failure and will cry out to the four winds that served the common cause. Poor guy ...

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