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The pleasure of the senses Double-sided sentences

Double-sided sentences

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"Mnemonic cryptographs" were said to be those combinations which, through the wise use of bisensis, create an enigmatic game with a grim name, but which arouses considerable interest from a linguistic and semiological point of view; and his attendance shows a real contagious force. Once the mechanism is known, the desire to invent more is immediate and, even if it is not a novelty, the game will continue to entertain and interest.

It is something of remarkable effect, rich in wit and, at times, also in humor; it bases its structure on the double meaning attributable to a specific phrase, a second reading which generally represents a "sentence done" or at least more than plausible.

Of course, for the reader not very used to such lexical and textual manipulations, it may not be immediate to perceive the "duplicity", which is, however, well done through a series of precautions; they make the two different reading levels compatible which always justify, for each "stimulus expression", the right "response expression".

The examples that are shown clearly indicate the variety of "codes" that regulate the game's mechanisms. They range from those more strictly "definitive" to those in which a slightly more complex reasoning is needed. Among the first are these:

  • TROUSERS BELT -> life insurance
  • SPOON -> half a minute of meditation
  • INSERTABLE NET -> a waste net
  • PIOVRA -> left calf

For them it is all linear; at most it can be "explained" that the 'spoon' is a "small tool used to collect" and therefore the half minute of recollection; just as the 'octopus' easily suggests that it is a big threatening octopus, a left calf, in short ...

Slightly more complex, but always somewhat simple, are the examples including the passage "noun / proper name":

  • CUFF -> the strait of the Channel
  • ADVERTISING BATTAGE -> the Lodi campaign
  • MACBETH -> Banco's partner
  • FISHING COMPETITION -> the battle of Canne

It is "played" differently when the mechanism is not simple to define, but includes something else, as in these other cases:

  • SUGAR -> appearance salt (in fact, the salt may look like sugar);
  • ZITELLONE -> sun at sunset (since the old maids remain alone at the end of their lives)
  • BELLA GUAGLIONA -> a touch of the bell (here the passage involves recognizing the term 'guagliona' as a girl from Campania);

In other cases the "exposed" must lead to a specific consideration:

  • LAST SLICE -> the advance of a division (the last slice is the one that results at the end of the division of a pie)
  • EDITTO -> single bed (the reference is to what was read by the auctioneer)

Definitely more complex are examples that could be called "dynamic" in that they develop a completion through an action indicated by a verb; in this case the "complaint" is preceded by the definite article:

  • L'APE -> tend to flowers (the verb is 'to tend')
  • THE LAST HAIR -> stood in the square (since it fell last on the bald head)
  • IL STROKE OF LIGHTNING -> cooked fruit (it is what generates (fruit) a rapid falling in love (cooked))
  • THE SAVER -> Serbian capital (keeps the accumulated money for himself)
  • LA GRECA -> general classification (it is the grade badge of that high official)
  • THE EPIGRAMMOLOGIST -> martial law (since he loves reading Martial)

These other examples are definitely more difficult:

  • THE JELLY FOR MARYLIN -> ròse di Maggio (it is the one that róse (from the verb 'gnaw') Joe Di Maggio)
  • THE UNSUCCESSFUL BLUFF -> coast of Puglia (as it involves the loss of chips, also called 'puglie')

Finally, three decidedly particular "encryptions", but easy and fun:

  • HAIR AND COUNTERHAIR -> are the two passes (in fact, in addition to the phases of a shave, it also refers to a time)
  • AUTHENTIC BEAUTIES -> thanks, I don't smoke! (they are really "thanks" and certainly not just appearance)
  • IL NOVE CAPOVOLTO -> do you see it as you are? (the game is all in 6 (number) and 'six' (verb)).

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