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The pleasure of the senses Double suits the riddle

Double suits the riddle

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The juxtaposition of two sentences, which individually allow double reading, apparently obliges to assign a precise interpretation to each of the two; in essence, ambiguity remains, if ever doubled, with an effect comparable to that of the trompe-l'oeil. It is like a game of fades, in which the appearance of one meaning disappears the other; it is the same magical effect that generates observing the design of a cube, which appears split in two showing alternately the three concave and the three convex faces.

An effect reminiscent of some of Arcimboldo's works: you just have to get close to the painting or move away from it to reveal a human figure or a rich assortment of flowers and fruit, a portrait or a still life, the grim face of a librarian or a mixture of objects of book character.

An ambiguity of the figure not unlike the double subject that characterizes the modern enigma. This of the writer is an example of dual-meaning writing: at a first reading referable to the island of Capri, another can be added, referring instead to the "hospital bed":


There where the broken coast
it seems that you find peace,
among silver flashes,
the net is stretched;
she now offers her womb
of soft springs nature:
peaks and openings at his feet
they are traces of warm effusions
degree by degree marked over time.
In a vain silence,
the muffled noise of the hooves,
a look awaits
patient and a caress
that fall gently on the face
to soothe that anxiety
- a lament of the body,
heartache -
and to the desired kiss
their lips come together
who you love.
Between the sunny shores,
between the flare of flaps
and white sails
and crenellated lace
and the wave that breaks,
between the white silhouettes
of virgin lovers,
between yearnings not at all dormant
and puffs of wind,
affection is found;
while in the meantime life,
it flows slowly and monotonously
in a restful abandonment,
all around now it goes up
an ethereal taste of salt.
From the small square,
right in the center of the world,
we only move away
towards via Camerelle,
(total hallway)
for a walk to the Quisisana.

A "clear translation" is shown below.

In the place where a broken rib finally seems to find rest, among metal reflections, a bed base is arranged: naturally flexible (it is made of springs), it now shows its welcoming groove. At the foot of the bed, a graph, with points and stationary sections, shows the trend of the patient's temperature degrees (the first reading refers instead to the geological formation of the island of Capri, consisting of effusive products of a volcanic nature).

In the environment there is silence, except for the muffled noise of the hooves usually worn by doctors and paramedics: the primary patient is expected to visit and comfort the patient, albeit with a slight caress, helping him to overcome his illness, a depressive form , physical pain, heart disease; the mouth of the one you want to return to feeling good approaches the desired potion to be taken.

Between the sides of the bed placed in an isolated way, between the neat and unfolded linen (equipped with fringed edges and laced at the edges), between loving nurses dressed in white, with worries not yet resolved and between oxygen dispensing equipment, we find the sick; meanwhile, in the rooms (of the hospital), amid the smell of ether and medicinal salts, life goes on in idle rest.

From the small bed, in a sterile environment, crossing the corridor of disengagement to the small rooms of the patients, one moves away only for a short walk inside the place of treatment of which one can say: "Here you are healthy".

It is a constraint semantics usually practiced by the author of riddles; he runs through his labyrinth in which the structure is determined by the different possibilities of meaning which, in the Italian language, can take on a word or even an entire sentence; the rule "forces" to write a text referable simultaneously to two different subjects.

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