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Recommended Dragons: the defeat of bad politics

Dragons: the defeat of bad politics

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A few weeks ago (when "responsible" were still sought to build a gathering majority that would support the Count-ter) my friend Giampaolo Sodano, director of this newspaper, invited me to transform the contents of one of our chat into an article where he highlighted the need for a government leader endowed with "authority (internal and external), competence (effective and not vaunted) and which did not have as its primary purpose the search for power and personal consent". And he remembered that "everyone knows that a figure that has these characteristics fortunately exists"; to conclude with the hope of "a truly responsible behavior of political forces, aimed at doing everything that is needed ("whatever it takes ") to get Italy back and not to get back a few votes ”.

The path has been a bit tortuous, but in the end - it seems - we are getting there: the government of Professor Draghi seems destined to gather the broad parliamentary consensus desired by President Mattarella with the sole exclusion of the post-fascists and (perhaps ) of the post-communists.

Mario Draghi's "political" vision is quite well known: he believes in the role of public institutions to create the conditions for private initiative to produce wealth and therefore in investments that increase systemic productivity, those in tangible and intangible infrastructures as well as those in training and in research. On the other hand, he has repeatedly shown that he is aware that precisely in order to allow the free unfolding of productive capacities, of their dynamics of destruction and creation, social protection nets are necessary that truly protect those who, temporarily or permanently, suffer from them without fault. more negative aspects.

Alongside his political vision, Draghi combines technical competence and the authority of extraordinary relationships, fundamental (and rare) characteristics for translating a political vision into facts in such extraordinary times.

Someone spoke of the "defeat of politics", I think we should instead speak of the defeat of "bad politics", the one that won consensus by stirring media fetishes ("honesty" or the "fight against immigrants") that responded to feelings widespread but did not represent answers to the problems of the country or that which masks the pursuit of power under generic references to values ​​that are as shareable as they are indefinable.

If it is really supported by a large parliamentary majority it will be a good thing. If only because it will avoid assigning to a single political force the possibility of setting ultimate conditions for partisan purposes. We had allowed ourselves to wish for a respite in the daily competition in search of consensus through the use of increasingly pushed demagogic propaganda, always on this newspaper, since the beginning of the pandemic. Not having chosen that path a year ago was (in my humble opinion) the great mistake of the lawyer Giuseppe Conte who, as a figure of non-political origin with notable "flexibility", was in a position to pursue it. But it took humility and he preferred, instead, to pursue the path of personal self-promotion, moreover in such excessive and sometimes clumsy ways as to be eventually overwhelmed.

Faced with this double positive outcome (an albeit temporary political truce and a supremely authoritative guide), the alchemies that will be necessary to arrive at the government organization chart sincerely take second place.

It is difficult to say what will happen politically in the coming months, important dynamics have arisen which we will be able to talk about on another occasion; for now let's enjoy the opportunity to try, for once, a little hope.

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