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News preview Ecotax of three thousand euros on polluting cars

Ecotax of three thousand euros on polluting cars

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Ecotax of three thousand euros on polluting cars

Controversy over the eco-tax on cars, foreseen by the maneuver that arrives today in the Chamber and on which the government should put its trust: these are "incentives from 1.500 to 6 thousand euros for the purchase of electric, hybrid or small CNG cars o diesel and a tax from 150 to 3 thousand euros (proportional to the level of emissions) for those who buy polluting models. The "bonus malus" mechanism for taxing the purchase of polluting cars and incentivizing "green" ones will be in effect from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2021; it will also affect purchases under finance leases »[Mobili-Rogari, Sole]. "If the amendment were approved, the representatives of the car dealers argue, the car market would risk a new slowdown. The average price of the cars would rise by over 300 euros with peaks of a thousand euros and beyond. Why do manufacturers and dealers complain? The incentives concern a total sales potential of around 150 thousand machines, equal to 8,5 per cent of the market. Taxes, on the other hand, would affect approximately one million and 350 thousand buyers "[Donelli, CdS]. Among the other novelties of the maneuver, the changes to maternity and paternity leave: the mother will be able to work until the ninth month and take all five months of abstention after the birth, while the father will have five days (one more) after the birth. In addition, the nest bonus increases to 1.500 euros per year. The League has imposed an amendment which excludes immigrant families from the discount card.

«The effect is that of the most notorious taxes of the 800th century, such as the tax on salt or ground coffee: to hit the purchases of the poorest to encourage the consumption of the richest. If indeed the tax on carbon dioxide emitted by new cars, suddenly entered into the Finance Law, were to become law, this paradoxical result would be obtained: who from January should buy a Fiat Panda from 8 / 9.000 euros will pay 150 euros more while whoever buys a luxury electric Tesla from 120.000 euros in the list will get a discount of 6.000 euros. If we consider that from January to November of this year 113.724 Fiat Panda were sold in Italy - by far the model preferred by the Italians - and only 47 Tesla we understand the gigantic Robin Hood effect contrary to this rule that yesterday left the entire Italian automotive world is stunned, from Fiat to the last dealer passing through the metalworking unions of the approximately 300.000 employees in the supply chain. The tax is made in such a way as to progressively affect, from a minimum of 150 to a maximum of 3.000 euros, new cars - even those of euro6 - based on the amount of carbon dioxide they produce »[Pirone, Mess].


  • «Fara in sabina. It seems to be at war. The asphalt crammed with debris, the acrid smell of something indefinable. Here is the devastated vendor on the left, the gutted wreckage of a firefighter on the right. Nearby, in the scorched and blackened field, there is what little remains of the tanker engine. Further up, towards the white building that stands on the old Salaria - which runs parallel and raised - here is the cursed cistern. They call flash fire, the monster he killed. At 14,20 pm yesterday the IP distributor at the 39th kilometer of via Salaria turned into a missile launch pad. A crazed tanker, still full of the liquid gas that had started pouring underground, took off in a fiery hell flying in a field seventy meters from where it was. He has passed the new Salaria, stolen the life of a passer-by and that of a fireman, burned and injured eighteen people, including six firefighters. It all started half an hour earlier from a fire. Just before 14 pm, during the LPG transfer operations to refuel the distributor, the first flames are released on the rear of the tanker. Two firefighters leave from Poggio Mirteto and Montelibretti. A third vehicle, with Stefano Colasanti on board, is passing by chance and stops to help. It is then, when passersby and onlookers have stopped around the vending machine, while the firefighters put out the flames coming out from the rear of the truck, that an intervention that is now almost resolved becomes a tragedy. "It was not an explosion - explains the commander general of the firefighters, Fabio Dattilo - but the flash fire", the blade of fire that rises suddenly and violently when the gas mixes with the air and catches fire. The wave of fire rises very high. The cistern flies away, disarticulating itself in the air from its engine which perhaps overwhelms the fire truck. One of the two victims had not yet been identified last night: the charred body had flown a hundred meters away ». Claudio Colasanti, a policeman, accompanied the Quaestor of Rieti, Antonio Mannoni, to the scene and thus discovered that among the victims was his brother Stefano [Brera, Rep].
  • «He was a mild man and a hard worker, Alfonso Campochiaro. At 62, struggling with diabetes, he left his home in the alleys of the Spanish Quarters at night and got on his moped to get to Pozzuoli, where he took the ferry to Procida. And there on the island, on time, at dawn, he entered service as a garbage collector. A humble life. On Friday night, at 3.30, Mr. Alfonso was killed for a stupid game between two XNUMX-year-olds chasing each other in the car. They had just come out of a pub, where they had met by chance, each with their friends. They hadn't even drunk more than they should. The race started almost by accident. As a display of power. And since one had his fiancée next to him, he did not accept that the other would pass him. They chased each other for a few kilometers, running faster and faster, for a narrow promenade with minimal visibility. Until at a bend they found themselves in front of the poor garbage man who was going to work. One avoided it in extremis, the other did not. The impact has been terrible. And now they are both accused of road murder "[Grignetti, Sta].

Renzi unloads Minniti, Minniti retires

Questioned by reporters on the irritation of Marco Minniti, candidate for the dem secretariat which was to be supported by the Renzians, Matteo Renzi replied yesterday morning: "As you know, I do not deal with the Pd congress". Minniti has therefore canceled all participation in radio and TV, officially "for a severe backache", and last night, despite the support provided by Luca Lotti and Lorenzo Guerini, he made it known that he will not participate in the race for the secretariat. To Claudio Tito, from the Republic, he said: «When I gave my availability to the candidacy on the basis of the appeal of many mayors and many militants who encouraged me and whom I thank very much, that choice rested on two objectives: to unite our party as much as possible and strengthen it to build an alternative to the national populist government. I remain convinced that the congress must give us a strong leadership legitimized by the primaries. However, I found that all this with so many candidates may not happen. It simply took the risk that none of the candidates would reach 51 percent. And so to arrive at the congress one year after the defeat of March 4, after some probable regional elections and shortly before the European ones, would be a disaster. If we accepted the idea of ​​electing an unelected secretary from the primaries, we would also accept the idea of ​​a party that is only a confederation of currents. Mine is a gesture of love towards the Democratic Party ». Tito asked him if he had spoken to Renzi about it. Minniti replied, "We didn't speak." To Monica Guerzoni of Corriere Minniti he then made it known that he will not follow Renzi in his new party.

«Matteo Renzi's acceleration towards the creation of a new political subject will begin to take shape with his list for the European Championships which will be announced in January: this is how his visibly irritated Members tell us, who fear to stay on the stake if their leader should really break the moorings for a navigation to new shores. An acceleration that is now taken for granted in the Nazarene and that some attribute to a sort of forced choice, because "Matteo must hurry if he does not want Calenda to leave before him occupying the same political space" "[Bertini, Sta].

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