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Friday 14 May 2021


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Di Francesca Imbriaco

Time has inevitably passed without leaving any escape in these long 2 months of quarantine, every day at the same pace and intensity, every day marked by the same purposes: I will study more, I will try to keep fit and I will try to understand the world around me, but in reality only self-deception, excuses for not facing the situation, for looking for a way to escape from a tormented situation, a storm in my life.

All stopped waiting for that fateful day of the beginning of phase 2. It is the morning of May 4, I get out of bed excited at the mere thought of being able to finally see, albeit safely, the people dear to me, to be able to give a kiss and a hug to my little village in Cilento, my favorite place, full of beauty and wonder. I rush to look at the sea thus sitting on a bench, but from that distant 9 March everything seems different and takes on an even more precious value: the sun shining on the sea generates small diamond-like reflections on the water, a flock of seagulls undisturbed flying over my head and the smell of the salt dear to me inebriate me.

The sea brings back indelible memories to me: the moments spent together, all those evenings with a guitar and a great desire to have fun singing the songs that mark our lives at the top of our lungs. I think that soon everything will return, finally everything will resume the normal course. Now, meanwhile, nothing is taken for granted anymore, man has a different awareness of both his soul and everything around him, I am convinced that this lived tragedy will serve as a lesson, many walls will collapse, many prejudices will leave our mind , many doors will open and we will give importance to the REAL things in life.
I hope so intensely

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