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Saturday 19 June 2021


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di Maria Pia Ciccariello

The first warmth, the first caress, the first hug
they allowed us to enter a safe and secure world;
where there is no violence and fear of facing the unknown: it is the nest of our family, a romantic hut with its king, our dad who always makes us happy and carefree.
After any day, easy or difficult
we always sit at that table for dinner
leaving room for words,
new emotions, encounters and obstacles overcome.
Our chats come daily with a light background coming from a small screen placed over a buffet
a refrigerator or simply on the white wall. But these days the spell has broken.


Faces change, mouthfuls slow down, when we listen to tell a tragedy, that of Covid19; the normal reassuring routine is destroyed
They are not normal days
there is more silence, concern
We ask ourselves many because, we try to answer each other,
giving us courage:
let's not give up right now, difficult times are right
face them together as a team.
We return to the past, dusting frames
that describe carefree moments
you think about when you were fine,
days full of smiles and crackling oil in the pan.
But that: "mom I love you" is a way to recharge
Our daily lives cannot be destroyed:
let's bring in new hugs, this time
of courage and hope,
we live and love
until the end.

From the "Quarantine Diary" section:

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