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Diary of a quarantine Fear in the time of covid-19

Fear in the time of covid-19

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Di Angelo Pecoraro

Just a few days ago, looking for new news on the threat looming over our country, I found myself reading an article: "The psychology of coronavirus".
This is an interview with Prof. Gianluca Castelnuovo, psychologist and psychotherapist about people's emotions and behavior in a moment of great tension due to Coronavirus.
His premise struck me: “Human beings, while striving to be rational by relying on logic, are deeply psycho-logical and therefore emotions play a fundamental role by distorting the most planned choices. One of the most typical reactions in these cases is to experience fear, primary emotion, fundamental for our defense and survival. "
These words have made me less fragile since I have so much fear.
The fear that I have personally experienced every day since this epidemic broke out is the fear of not being all together. It is the fear that I try not to pass on to anyone in the family, not even to my father when he calls from Switzerland where, unfortunately, he cannot return for now. It is difficult to understand how difficult it is for a son and a wife to stay away from such important people as he is a father and a husband. We would all prefer to be united, together to face this problem but it is not possible.


And precisely for this reason I understand many things… I understand the fear of all those off-site kids, fathers of family etc. who returned to their family on the first occasion. Let's not attack them, but understand them because none of us can imagine what it feels like if you don't live such an experience. I am very sad to see how my mother spends her days in video call with dad hoping that things will be resolved immediately and in the best way, concealing a fear that tries not to transmit but that is evident in the eyes of those who know her.

In this period the only positive note is technology: we manage to stay close even if only virtually but it is still a compromise that leaves us poor inside.
Another aspect of the problem concerns children. “For them - says the professor - continuity of activities is important also because it conveys a sense of security. (...) children must be protected from adult irrationality and alarmism. " Nothing more true. I notice him with my 8-year-old sister, probably the only one who is really quiet and carefree at home. I, who feel I have to take dad's place as an older brother, first of all, try not to make her weigh anything, spend as much time as possible with her, try to play with her when she complains and would like to go for a walk and to find some entertainment when you get bored. I try to do everything possible to avoid her anxieties and fears and to make her live in the most serene way possible. Every now and then, however, she too claims to be afraid perhaps because she has heard some news on the news. Being afraid is normal and perhaps we should all have it to improve the situation ... because those who still underestimate this problem, those who leave without worries and are not afraid, are a risk for themselves and for everyone.
“We stay apart today to embrace each other more warmly, to run faster tomorrow. All together we will make it "(G.Conte)

This is what I repeat to myself continuously.

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