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Uncomfortable diary Women's football, cryptocurrencies, corruption and ...

Women's football, cryptocurrencies, corruption and ...

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Beautiful girls who do not use seduction to win but enthusiasm

For now they don't play well, but over time they will learn. Every two passes they lose the ball. Not only the blue ones, which, however, triggered an unusual passion. Listen to TV from Commissioner Montalbano. Many fans convert to women's football. Men have distorted the sport for money. The players, however, earn little and do not spit on the ground. Even if wrong, the referee's decisions are not contested. The stadiums are now accessible to families and children. There is a fair play that makes us forget the violence between opponents and the vulgarity of rowdy fun.

Thank you for the emotions you have brought us, but you still have to train yourself

If you want women's football to take root and also show, you must at least adapt the size of the doors and the pitch to the woman's ability and physical endurance. They thrilled us only because they were blue but no game. Too many mistakes, no technique or tactics. Professionals and amateurs have the same limitations. It is like the turtle race. Any one can win. If they scored in the two or three easy scoring chances, the result changed. The rest would have been eliminated. For a good competition it still takes a few years of serious preparation.

Women's soccer
Women's soccer

The Holy See in step with the times, but in its own way

Although many consider him conservative, the Pope also wants to be at the forefront of sport. The Vatican boasts, in fact, a women's football team. They are not nuns - at least, so they guarantee, then go to know - but daughters of employees or clerks, girls who reside in the tiny state. However, the debut in Austria against Mariahilf in Vienna was a disaster. Secular and irreverent opponents wore shirts praising abortion and gay marriage. There was an immediate escape from the stadium. The apostolic nuncio at the head, followed by bishops, priests and footballers.

We have not evolved enough, a century later there are still those who do not tolerate the ideas of others

There are those who want the statue of D'Annunzio in Trieste for the centenary of the Rijeka company and those who oppose it. It is the logic of a lucky ignorance on both sides. Today's anti-fascists are too young to know that it was impossible to fight the regime back then. And those in favor, what it means to live under a dictatorship. A poet is not a hero and is not judged by the ideas he - not always freely - professes, but by the cultural heritage he leaves to humanity. Art belongs to history, not to politics which each of us believes he can possess.

We only needed the Libra, those FB playful ones thought

And good Zuckerberg! After giving visibility to ignorance and malice, he now goes to the aid of the dishonest. The new currency will not be an advantage for respectable people who will be the next victims. It will be another source of income for cheaters and scammers, for those who launder money and evade taxes, for loan sharks, blackmailers and terrorists. The institutions, from one part of the world to the other, are watching, powerless but also fascinated by the evil genius of the charlatan. One wonders what other devilry we will allow to knock out an already tried and tested company.

Arrogance, greed and resignation of a prodigal son

Allegri had proposed the role of second goalkeeper. But he had refused, outraged and offended. With the presumption of finding confirmation of a talent now at sunset, he wanted to slap Juve who considered him a reserve. After a successful season, however, PSG also put him on the bench. Now he has understood that at 41 you cannot continue to play the star. And he came back with his tail between his legs. You have to be champions not only between the posts, but also in the soul and retire with dignity at the height of your career. Don't wait for the inevitable start of the descending phase.

No one else does what he is professionally programmed for

In any activity everyone is looking for their own interest. And unfortunately many find it. By now they all steal. Malpractice is so deeply rooted in the social fabric that we are not even surprised. It has always been like this, it is the explanation. So the practice of crime becomes normal. Every now and then the judiciary intervenes. But it's like emptying the sea water with a bucket. When corruption invades justice and university there is no longer any remedy. If judges and teachers, even the rectors are only suspected, the rotten attacked the last bank. The system is incurable. Better destroy it.

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