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Free Thought Struggle without neighborhood

Struggle without neighborhood

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The Covid19 pandemic does not stop the struggle in full development and without neighborhood between:

1) the proponents of Financial Capitalism - who have their stronghold in the European Union and can count on the compact support of Western Gauche (US Democrats, British Labor, Christian Socialists, Christian Democrats, Social Democrats and European Democrats, World Freemasonry with Judeo-Christian influence - and 

2) supporters of the full-scale recovery of Industrial Capitalism - who are led by the North American Republicans (Donald Trump) and the British Liberal Conservatives (Boris Jonhson) but who do not have a credible and reliable following in the EU member states for the lack of a liberal party of non "idealistic" inspiration (the latter, in fact, inevitably leads even if unconsciously to a liberalism called the left which substantially flattens itself on the pseudo-humanitarian and universalistic positions of Christians and socialists of various denominations, both contrary to the value of the individual and the polis).

In Italy, the overall situation is tangled by the chaos of ideas that characterizes the country: 

1) the financial left is divided into the Democratic Party with former Christian Democrats, former Socialists and post-Communists, the Five Star Movement, Italia viva, Liberi e Uguali and Europeanists of various acronyms; 

2) the pro-industrial position lacks a democratic and truly liberal support due to the lack of a true empiricist, pragmatic and rational party, such as the Anglo-Saxon ones. In the Bel Paese, it receives support, always confused and often contradictory, only from the Ultra-right, composed of an ideological Brancaleone Army, where they unite in a strange melange Celtic, "celoduristic" and nationalistic rituals, distant nostalgia for the fascism of the "social security and welfare" era, as well as the Republic of Salò and clear proximity of interests to Goldman Sachs and other financial acronyms. 

In such an all-Italian chaos of bizarre conjectures, rationally addressing the serious problems that are on the world stage (and Europe in particular) is an arduous undertaking and it is even more difficult to facilitate understanding of the phenomena.

For example, it is difficult to make it clear that the discussion that is being animatedly taking place, at the top level, for the application of the rules of the MONTH or, alternatively, for the issue of Eurobonds responds, 

a) the first to the need to strengthen monetary capitalism (wanted by the Banks) due to the constraints and controls it imposes on the beneficiary States regarding the use of money; 

b) the second to the possibility of resumption of industrial investments (hypothesis, which is seen as the smoke in the eyes by the banking oligarchy of Wall Street, area of City and Brussels).

Without taking into account the scenario of the furious struggle that is being fought, in the world, between monetary capitalism and industrial productivism (unfortunately on the still smoking ruins, caused by the Coronavirus) one cannot even understand the absurd conflict that is unfolding in Italy between Regionalists (as always) and Statists (again and unpublished). 

In the framework that has been offered by Italy, for better or for worse, it is difficult, without falling into bias (we do not know, then, to what extent spontaneous) to grasp the responsibilities of the Government and the faults of the local Autonomies and let alone distinguish among the latter, the Regions governed by the Left by those led by politicians of the Right. 

a) The errors of the central authorities (chaos in the INPS, bureaucracy of CONSIP, presence of the Prime Minister on media traditional and sui social pushed beyond any acceptable limits, slackness and visible oratory fatigue, conversely, of its spokesmen for the Civil Protection, imprudent initiatives and misplaced sentences of his fellow ministers and so on) 

b) were at least equal to those of the Regions (messes in hospitals and especially in retirement homes for the elderly, clear and unnecessarily ostentatious insubordination with respect to the measures adopted with DPCM, military-style proclamations and so on).

Charity of the Fatherland would have required greater moderation of tones. 

And instead, the "stable orders" of the oligarchy that dominates the technocrats of Brussels have prevailed: exacerbating the terms of the conflict to hit hard the pockets of resistance to the monetary policy of the Tycoons of Finance, identified in the Ultra-Right to the government of many Italian regions.

Conclusion: Italy has always been a rich pasture land for the clever ones who, once, were (at least mainly) Italians, now they are foreigners in an overwhelming majority. 

To favor also the stripping currently suffered by the inhabitants of the boot is always their true or false candor: either they do not understand or they find it useful not to understand what is happening around them so as not to displease the powerful on duty (they are even capable of making increase, in the polls, the consensus around leader politicians who outside our borders would be considered cheap and incompetent).

Now it is time to "wake up", as Mameli's hymn (with words) suggests, and "gird one's head" if not the helmet of "Scipio" (which would be more unavailable than the anti-masksvirus even in toy stores, however, closed) of telescopes, hearing aids (if necessary) and magaphones, banishing the image of the three monkeys.

It's time to see, hear and make your voice heard! It will be like this? Posterity will judge!

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